South End Boston neighbourhood for students

Neighbourhoods for students in Boston: South End

Is Boston your next destination but still don’t know which would be the perfect neighbourhood for you? Perhaps South End area? Victorian-style houses make it a really beautiful spot in the city, which is a melting pot for dozens of nationalities. Learn more about South End Boston!

South End Boston neighbourhood for students

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Located south to the city centre

This neighbourhood is surrounded by Back Bay, Chinatown and Roxbury. It’s pretty close to the city centre.

Victorian buildings host a multicultural atmosphere

The main characteristic of this area is its Victorian style houses and the parks that are around the area.

It’s probably the most culturally diverse neighbourhood in Boston, since there are young families, young professionals, immigrants from Lebanon or Greece, African-American and Hispanic people…and it’s also very popular amongst the gay and lesbian community. During the 1980’s it was considered a dangerous and remote area, but the atmosphere is totally different now.

South End Boston overview


Restaurants for all budgets

This area combines some of the most expensive restaurants of the city, such as B&G Oysters and Aquitaine Bar a Vin Bistrot, with other cheap easy-going places to eat. Since the population of South End comes from all over the world, you can find here a really varied cuisine, from Syrian to Spanish or French.

Living in South End Boston Massachusetts

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South End neighbourhood’s facilities


The South End has a fantastic choice of grocery stores. On one hand there are many small shops that sell food from all over the world. There are also larger supermarkets such as Trader Joe’s (899 Boylston Street) and Star Shaw’s (800 on the same street). Finally, you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at Copley Square Farmer’s Market.

Produce Grocery Store in Boston


Sport Facilities

There is a fantastic public sport centre called the South End Fitness Centre. It has a swimming pool, a weight and cardio room and organizes many different activities, such as yoga or Zumba. The Southwest corridor offers also a good way to practice outdoor sports, cycling or running for example.

Green Areas

If living nearby a green area is essential for you, then South End is your neighbourhood! There are eleven residential parks located across the area, most are elliptical, have a fountain in the middle and are surrounded by an iron fence inspired in the British style. You will feel like if you were right in London! There are also many newer and community parks.

A perfect way to discover those green areas is to walk along the Southwest corridor park following the Orange Line, which goes from Forest Hills in Jamaica Plain to the Back Bay Station. If you are a runner this is the perfect 5 miles run!

Union Park in South End Boston


Cultural offer

Since artists started to move to this area in the 1980’s, the South End became a very artistic area. Around the SoWa (South of Washington) there are some of the best art galleries of the city and every spring during the SoWa Art Walk Weekend, artists open their workshops to the public. Moreover, the Boston Centre for the Arts (BCA) supports three theater companies and spaces to rent for artists.

Streetart in South End Boston



You can find the South End branch of Boston Public Library in this neighbourhood in Boston. There are also community centres such as the Blackstone Center.


You are right next to downtown Boston (12 minutes by T) and Boston Common (10 minutes by T). If you are attending Boston University Medical Campus this is a very convenient area to live in, since you can take BU shuttle bus that comes from Charles River Campus.

Rental rate

Depending on the specific street, rental rate can be higher or lower. The average price is of $2,533 for a single room apartment. Already decided that South End is perfect for your new experience in Boston? Check out the options that Beroomers has for you!

Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: very diverse ethnically, some areas are quite expensive while other are affordables.
  • Location: very close to Downtown Boston and Boston Common.
  • Residents: young professionals, students and families from different nationalities.
  • Facilities: many art galleries and green areas.
  • Transportation: The Back Bay, Massachusetts Ave., Ruggles (Orange Line) Broadway and Andrew (Red Line).
  • Average rent: $2,533 (for 1 bedroom apartment).

Neighborhood for students South End Boston

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South End Boston is so nice, as many other neighbourhoods for students in Boston! Don’t miss as well our neighbourhoods for students guide, where you may find information of areas in different cities!

South End Boston Guide

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