Chamberi in Madrid: the student neighbourhood guide!

If you’ve decided that your next destination is Madrid but you still don’t know what is the best place to live in Madrid for you, check out this guide for Chamberi, one of the most popular neighbourhoods for students in Madrid. Residential, quiet, near universities and well connected to the city centre…find out more about this area!

Chamberí square in Madrid

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Located nearby the University City

Chamberi is a popular neighbourhood in Madrid, located north of the city centre and nearby the University City (with Universidad Complutense, Universidad Politécnica, CEU San Pablo, Universidad Nebrija) and Universidad Pontífica Comillas.

Residential and quiet neighbourhood in Madrid

Due to its location, you may be able to guess that this neighbourhood is full of students, and you will be right! But if you decide to live here, you will not only meet many Spanish and international students from all over the world. Chamberi is a residential and quiet neighbourhood, inhabited by natives of Madrid who really love their district.

You will feel the real spirit of Madrid. It’s definitely not a modern or trendy neighbourhood: living here you will learn the meaning of the word “castizo”, an adjective which defines Madrid’s tradition and roots.

There are many modernist, gothic and neo-mudejar buildings in the area, so if you like architecture this may be your place!

Chamberí student neighbourhood

Traditional restaurants and bars

So one of the reasons you’re coming to Spain is its gastronomy? Then Chamberi is definetely a good place to stay. Don’t forget to ask for “tapas” in its traditional restaurants and bars, which are small well-thought portions of food…some of them could even be considered artwork. Simply delicious. In Chamberi you can taste local food on a student budget.


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Nightlife in Plaza Olavide

Mostly residential and quiet, you will be able to enjoy nightlife in Plaza Olavide, a square jammed with traditional bars and terraces where you can taste typical Spanish omelette and Madrid’s tapas. Feel yourself a Spaniard drinking beer (one “caña”) outdoors and chatting with your new friends!

Chamberi neighbourhood’s facilities


Chamberi is a residential neighbourhood, so you will easily find supermarkets and local stores to do your groceries. These places are perfect to practice your Spanish, as locals in this neighbourhood love to talk to new people.

Local market Chamberí


Sports facilities

Chamberi’s sports facilities are mainly in the area of Canal Isabel II, where you can even practice sailing or canoeing! Outside this area it’s not so easy to find sports facilities near you, but of course you can always do sport at university if you want.

Green areas

Chamberi isn’t the greener area in Madrid, but inside the neighbourhood you can enjoy the park in Plaza Olavide, where children play around the shadow of old trees. Apart from that, it’s near some of the biggest green areas in the city, such as the area surrounding Debod Temple (an ancient Egyptian temple) or Dehesa Park.

Olavide Square in Chamberi


Cultural offer

Madrid has the best cultural offer of Spain, some people from other parts of the country drive here just to go to the theatre! Chamberi contributes to this deserved reputation, and if you finally live there you must visit Central Public Library. This is one of the most important cultural centres in Madrid, where many activities are organized and it even has a theatre.

Galileo Cultural Centre in Madrid



If you like to study in a quiet place, you can go to the Central Public Library, which is one of the biggest public libraries in Madrid.


There are 13 metro stops in Chamberi, so the people who live here have very good connections with the rest of the city. You can easily reach the University City with line 6 of the tube and Universidad Pontífica Comillas with line 2 in maximum 10 minutes.

Line 2 also connects Chamberi to the city centre in approximately 10 minutes. Line 3 and 1 of the tube also take you near Sol in about 15 minutes, a square in the heart of Madrid.

If you rather go by bus, several lines connect this area to universities and central Madrid. It’s very likely that you will find a bus stop near to your next home!

Chamberi Square in Madrid

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Mid-range rental rate

Due to its location in Madrid, this neighbourhood isn’t the cheapest one.The most affordable option to live in Chamberi is to rent a room in a shared flat, for less than 500€/month. Sharing a flat can be a really good experience when living abroad, as it’s one of the best ways to make new friends.

Beroomers can help you finding your new home if you’ve decided to live here.

Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: residential and quiet, traditional restaurants and bars for tapas lovers.
  • Location: near universities.
  • Residents: students and locals.
  • Facilities: supermarkets, local stores, nearby green areas, libraries.
  • Transportation: reach the University City in about 10 minutes and the centre of Madrid in 15 minutes going underground.
  • Rent: less than 500€ for a room.
  • Areas of Madrid included: Gatzambide, Arapiles, Trafalgar, Almagro, Ríos Rosas and Vallehermoso.

Chamberi is, along with other neighbourhoods for students in Madrid, a really nice place to stay. And outside this city, there are other neighbourhoods for students waiting for you!

Fountain in Chamberi neighborhood in Madrid

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