Chueca neighbourhood for students in Madrid

Chueca Neighbourhood in Madrid: The Student Guide!

Chueca is known all around the world for its gay-friendly atmosphere. It’s a very inclusive area with a trendy atmosphere and a very lively nightlife. Do you want to find out if Chueca is the perfect place to stay whilst you study abroad? We tell you more about this neighbourhood for students in Madrid below!

Life in Chueca neighbourhood in Madrid bars

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Located in the northern part of the city centre

Chueca is just above the main avenue Gran Vía in the map and it’s the northern part of the centre of Madrid. West you’ll find trendy and alternative Malasaña neighbourhood, and east the upscale neighbourhood of Salamanca. But these two areas don’t overshadow the singular Chueca!

Gay-friendly neighbourhood with traditional traits

Gay-friendly is the word that best describes Chueca. This neighbourhood in Madrid is known worldwide for its gay population, but of course it’s open to everyone and it’s a really inclusive neighbourhood.

Chueca Square in Madrid


Chueca is definitely trendy, although there are still traditional Madrid traits. Here you will sometimes feel like living in a village: do your groceries at the local market, stroll around, have a beer at the terraces in Plaza Chueca…Some of the most beautiful buildings of Madrid are in this neighbourhood. You’ll love the iron balconies throughout the streets. Believe it or not, there’s a castizo (traditional Spanish) atmosphere at a gay-friendly area! Such a peculiar mixture.

On weekends bars and restaurants are full with all kinds of people: gay and straight, old and young people, tourists or local people…Everyone is welcome here!

Taste tapas or discover innovative cuisine

In Chueca everyone is invited to come and culinary offerings are for all tastes. Whether you like to taste traditional Spanish tapas (delicious portions of food) or innovative modern cuisine, there’s a restaurant for you. You’ll surely find a bar that matches both your budget and the type of cuisine you like. There are really affordable options to suit a student’s budget.

Le Cocó Restaurant in Chueca

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Vivid and inclusive gay-friendly nightlife

Chueca is famous for its gay-friendly places to party, but you can actually find all sorts of clubs and pubs. It’s really easy to find somewhere where you feel comfortable. Whether you prefer to have a quiet drink or to party, trendy Chueca will make it possible. On summer nights and weekends the atmosphere is awesome.

Flags in Chueca neighbourhood for students in Madrid

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Madrid Gay Pride

On the last weekend of June and for nearly two weeks, Chueca is the centre of Madrid Gay Pride, whose summit is a colourful parade and street party. During this time, Chueca attracts people from all over Madrid (and even other countries!), both gay and straight. Rainbow flags decorate the streets where outdoor concerts and free parties take place. This is certainly the highlight of this Madrid’s neighbourhood.

Gaypride in Chueca

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Chueca neighbourhood’s facilities


One of the gems of Chueca is San Antón Market, which is a perfect place to do your groceries. It’s located inside a building from the 19th century that has been refurbished lately. Take a walk around its three stores and choose from high quality products, take part in its show cooking events or sit down in a restaurant with a terrace-lounge. There are even take-away food stalls, so if you haven’t had time to cook just go inside and choose your dinner! The place is famous for gourmet products. Are you a foodie? Don’t miss it!

San Antón Market in Chueca


There are quite a few supermarkets in Chueca, so if you want to fill the pantry quickly you have the option to do so. If you rather mix with local people and do your groceries with calm, you can visit local smaller shops. Some of them are specialised in ecological products. Meet the proprietaries of generations-old businesses: bakeries, fruit stores…You’ll get the village feeling of Chueca!


Fuencarral Street is an address you better write down if you like shopping. Top brand shops for clothes and shoes are located here. Scattered around Chueca you may find gay-oriented businesses but also shops for all kinds of people. Fuencarral Street has the highest density of stores in the area.

Street in Chueca Madrid


Sports facilities

There are quite a few gyms in Chueca, so you’ll find it easy to stay fit! If you like to do running, Paseo de Recoletos is a good place for it: a wide avenue with green areas nearby.

Green areas

Plaza de Chueca, the heart of this Madrid neighbourhood, is within 15 minutes walking distance from El Retiro Park. This park has an area of 125 hectares and it’s one of the most popular green areas of the city. There’s even a palace and a lake for boating inside! The neighbourhood itself is pretty urbanised, so if you want to sunbathe on the grass just walk to El Retiro and enjoy the Spanish sun.

Grass in El Retiro Madrid


Cultural offer and attractions

The House of the Seven Chimneys (Casa de las siete chimeneas) is a building declared of cultural interest that goes back to the 16th century. Many legends surround this house, whose name makes reference to the seven chimneys that were added later on.

7 Chimneys House in Chueca


Within the boundaries of Chueca you may enjoy theatre performances in Teatro Infanta Isabel and Teatro María Guerrero. Begin the night going to the theatre and then party until dawn if you like, all inside Chueca!

Madrid Wax Museum is here as well. Go and meet your favourite personalities! Plaza de Cibeles also deserves a visit. Its 18th century fountain is a well-known monument in Spain because it’s the place where the football team Real Madrid celebrates its triumphs.

Cibeles Fountain

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The Cervantes Institute Library is in the southern part of the neighbourhood. But if you really want to get inspiration studying, try out the National Library, which is one of the largest libraries in the world. It has more than 26 million items. Won’t it be easier to learn your class notes here?

National Library in Madrid


Transportation in Chueca neighbourhood for students

The metro station Chueca connects this neighbourhood in Madrid with line 5. Other stations within walking distance are Banco de España (line 2) and Colon (line 4). The best option to reach Plaza del Sol, the city centre of Madrid, is to go 10 minutes on foot. It takes half an hour to reach University City underground.

Housing & Rental Rate

The price for a room in Chueca tends to be higher than 450€/month, although sometimes you may find accommodation for students at a lower price.

Terrace bar in Chueca neighbourhood



Can’t stop thinking about how your life in Chueca would be? We can help you find the home you’re looking for!

Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: gay-friendly, trendy, traditional buildings, village-like atmosphere, vivid nightlife, innovative cuisine restaurants and tapas bars.
  • Location: located in the northern part of the city centre.
  • Residents: gay population and young people.
  • Local traditions: Madrid Gay Pride.
  • Facilities: supermarkets, local shops, local market, El Retiro Park, several cultural attractions, theatres.
  • Transportation: 10 minutes walking-distance to Plaza del Sol and 30 minutes underground to reach University City.
  • Rental rate: mid-range to high rental rate, if you’re lucky you may find a room for under 400€.
  • Area of Madrid: located within district Centre.

Would you like to know if living in Chueca is the best option for you? You can have a quick look at the rest of neighbourhoods for students in Madrid, or perhaps read our complete guide for neighbourhoods for students, both inside and outside this city 🙂

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