Neighbourhoods in Madrid: La Latina

La Latina Neighbourhood in Madrid: Guide For Students!

If you already know that you want to live your next adventure in Madrid, but you’re wondering which would be the best area to live in, check out this guide for La Latina, one of the most traditional neighbourhoods for students in Madrid which has become very popular lately. Busy, jammed with terraces to taste delicious tapas, host of one of the most famous flea markets in Spain and very near the city centre…Welcome to La Latina!

Street in La Latina neighbourhood


Located near the city centre

La Latina is a neighbourhood with a triangular shape near the city centre, limited by the following streets: Calle Segovia, Calle Toledo, Calle Bailén and Gran Vía de San Francisco. La Latina neighbourhood is part of Centre District of Madrid and is located south of the centre of Madrid.

Traditional and trendy neighbourhood in Madrid

Can a neighbourhood be traditional and trendy? La Latina is an area of contrasts in Madrid. It’s one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city, with narrow sloping streets and staircases forming an irregular pattern and leading to hidden churches and squares. Many buildings were built in the 18th century, and in some streets you’ll find crowded terraces and bars at every turn.

It’s a busy working-class neighbourhood, where both tourists and locals converge. It’s definitely a historical and traditional neighbourhood, but where you can find trendy bars and stores. Put castizo (the word for Spanish tradition) and trendy in a mixer, and you’ve got La Latina!

Terrace in La Latina Madrid


Terraces for tapas lovers

Can’t wait to taste some Spanish tapas? Those traditional little portions of food. Then you’ll love to hear that Cava Baja street in La Latina has the highest density of bars with tapas in Madrid. Have them with beer, wine, sangria or other Spanish specialties, such as patatas bravas, one of the best ways to eat potatoes. Restaurante Casa Lucio is a must in this area, don’t forget to ask for huevos rotos, or fried eggs with potato and chorizo.

And if you’re feeling trendy, then you can sit down in a rooftop bar or modern bistro.

La Latina in Madrid terrace


One of the busiest neighbourhoods in Madrid at night

This area is a well-known spot for nightlife. Especially on weekends, terraces are jammed with tourists and local people. It may even be hard for you to find a seat! So if you want to live in this Madrid neighbourhood and have some rest at night, you better not choose your housing on top of a bar. In August you may enjoy open-air concerts or verbenas: music and good weather, so nice.

Local traditions

In August, La Latina hosts the Fiestas Virgen de la Paloma, a traditional celebration which now has added concerts to its agenda. Chotis (a traditional type of dance) competitions take place there, a very popular event amongst local people.

Chulapos in La Paloma


La Latina neighbourhood’s facilities

Flea market (el Rastro)

La Latina is home to the largest market in Madrid, which has been taking place for over 400 years in a sloping crowded street. Its name (Rastro) means trail in Spanish, and it makes reference to the trail that cattles left from the slaughterhouse along the street to the tanneries that were here.

Well, nowadays the situation is much different! El Rastro is a must, whether you’re looking for everyday or strange things, you’ll surely find them here. Second-hand clothes or records, furniture, antiques…If you’re feeling somewhat hipster, melancholic, trendy…come here on Sunday and holidays!

Flea market in La Latina Madrid



In La Latina neighbourhood you can find supermarkets to do your groceries, but also traditional local stores and ecological stores, greengrocers…

But what really distinguishes La Latina is the local market, called Mercado de la Cebada. With two floors and more than 200 little stores, you can find fresh fruit and meat, seafood, eggs…or have a coffee at one of its bars. This market was opened in 1875 and since then it’s been offering fresh high quality products. Don’t miss it!

Cebada Market in La Latina neighbourhood


Sports facilities

If you like to do sport, you can attend the municipal sports facilities in La Latina, next to the metro station. Apart from that, most universities offer sport facilities and activities, so that’s another option for you.

Quiet green areas

Would you like to relax and enjoy the sun of Madrid? La Latina has different green areas. Las Vistillas Garden is the most popular one, a really good place to watch sunsets and with magnificent views.

Vistillas Gardens in Madrid


Another green spot is Príncipe de Anglona Garden from the 18th century, located in the north part of La Latina. It’s described by many as a hidden gem in the centre of Madrid.

Cultural offer and attractions

La Latina Theatre has been one of the most important theatres in Madrid during the 20th century for its comedies. It still attracts hundreds of theatre lovers each week.

La Latina theatre in Madrid


At the boundaries of this neighbourhood you’ll find three outstanding monuments: Segovia’s Viaduct, Toledo’s Door and Real Basílica de San Francisco el Grande. The latter is a really beautiful Catholic church built in the 18th century and homes one of the biggest domes in Europe, with a diameter of 33 metres.

San Francisco el Grande Basilica



If you’re worried about finding some quiet place in such a busy neighbourhood, don’t worry. At one of the boundaries stands Pedro Salinas Library, with free wi-fi access and tables to read or study.


Line 5 of the tube takes you directly to Gran Via, a really centric spot in Madrid, in just 3 stops. Using the tube you can reach the University City in approximately 25 minutes changing trains.

Rental rate

In spite of being in the centre of Madrid, rental rates can be quite low. There are also modern flats at a higher price, so the range is large. Beroomers can help you find your housing for students in La Latina if you’ve made up your mind for this traditional and trendy neighbourhood!

Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: traditional, trendy, busy, narrow streets and old buildings, plenty of terraces to taste tapas, vivid nightlife.
  • Location: near the city centre.
  • Residents: tourists and working-class locals.
  • Local traditions: Fiestas de la Virgen de la Paloma, with concerts and traditional dances.
  • Facilities: flea market, local market, municipal sport facilities, big parks, theatre.
  • Transportation: city centre in just 3 tube stops, 25 minutes to reach universities going underground.
  • Rental rate: varies widely, depending on the building and the flat. Accommodation at low prices is available.
  • Area of Madrid: within Centre District.

Have you already made up your mind? Or would you like to have more information about other neighbourhoods for students in Madrid? And of course don’t miss the complete guide of neighbourhoods for students!

Bar in La Latina neighbourhood in Madrid


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