Moncloa-Argüelles neighbourhood in Madrid

Moncloa-Argüelles neighbourhood in Madrid: the student guide!

Moncloa-Argüelles is a residential and quiet neighbourhood, nearby the University City and pretty close to the city centre, surrounded by green areas and cultural attractions…Studying abroad is such an enriching experience, isn’t it? If you’re planning to go to Madrid but you’re still doubtful about which neighbourhood in Madrid will suit you best, just keep on reading!

People crossing at Argüelles street in Madrid

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Located nearby the University City and close to the city centre

If you’d like to live nearby the University City and most private universities, then the neighbourhood of Moncloa-Argüelles is a safe bet for you. It’s close to Universidad Politécnica and Universidad Complutense of Madrid, as well as nearby Universidad Nebrija, CEU San Pablo and Universidad Pontífica Comillas.

Only a 20 minutes walk or 10 minutes underground is necessary to go from this area of Madrid, within the boundaries of the district of Moncloa-Aravaca, to the city centre. The neighbourhood is northwest the city centre.

Residential neighbourhood with vivid student life

Young people, mostly students who like to live near the University City, blend in the streets with Spanish families of this residential neighbourhood in Madrid. It is a quiet and calm area, as tourists tend to visit only some particular places, such as the green areas surrounding Moncloa-Argüelles. The streets are medium-sized and give an international feel, but without completely losing the Spanish taste.

It’s a friendly neighbourhood, where it’s really easy to go shopping, go out for dinner and walk home.

Corte Ingles in Argüelles, Madrid


Restaurants chains and traditional bars

In Princesa Street, the main street in Moncloa-Argüelles, university students and local people sit down at restaurant chains and other good value for money restaurants with Spanish food. This neighbourhood has in fact a wide offer: cheap bars for students, Kebab restaurants, cafés, Spanish bars…You better ask for a tortilla de patata (Spanish potato omelette) in Casa Paco, a well-known bar with delicious homemade food.

Omelette at Casa Paco (Madrid)


Lively nightlife

Yes, Moncloa-Argüelles is a residential neighbourhood in Madrid, but this doesn’t mean that there’s no nightlife! Throughout this area, locals and university students alike dance and listen to music in pubs and bars. Whether you like to listen to rock, pop or techno, you’ll find a place for you. Spanish pop is also very popular here.

Moncloa-Argüelles neighbourhood’s facilities

Do your groceries at a supermarket

It will be pretty easy for you to do your groceries in Moncloa-Argüelles. Supermarkets are conveniently spread through the area.

Shopping in Calle Princesa

If you still don’t know where to live in Madrid and you love shopping, perhaps this neighbourhood suits you well! You can walk to the shopping centre El Corte Inglés or to clothing stores such as Zara in Princesa Street. This area is the local shopping axis, and also includes other small shops for a shopaholic afternoon (or two…).

Shopping in Princesa Street in Madrid

In addition, only one subway stop and you reach Principe Pío Mall, an old train station refurbished with more than 100 shops and a cinema.

Sports facilities

Moncloa-Argüelles has no public sports centre, but living so close to university means that you can easily do sports there! If you rather stay in the neighbourhood, you’ll be happy to know that there are some private gyms you can enroll.

Neighbourhood in Madrid surrounded by green areas

Would you love to live close to nature? This place to live in Madrid is surrounded by vast green areas at a walk-distance. Parque del Oeste (West Park), Rosales Painter Promenade and Debod Temple are three remarkable sites in Madrid to go for a walk.

Debod Temple is a real Egyptian monument, a gift to the city brought stone by stone in 1968 and then built again in Madrid. It’s a special place: stay there to watch a breathtaking sunset.

Debod Temple


Did you know that you can see Madrid from the sky? Get on the cableway (Teleférico) and enjoy magnificent views of the city and the Manzanares river! If you like cycling, the nearby river bed is a good place to try.

Cultural offer and attractions

Plaza de España is a must if you’re living in Madrid. Torre de Madrid (Madrid tower) is its  most emblematic building: a skyscraper of 142 metres high and 36 floors built in 1957. It’s a very busy spot, where it’s quite common to see different urban tribes sitting on the grass and walking along. This square is just outside the boundaries of the neighbourhood, and it’s surrounded by theatres and cinemas. One of them, Renoir Cinema, plays films in original version with subtitles, something which is not so easy to find in Spain.

Plaza de España (Square)


North of the neighbourhood there’s an amazing viewpoint of Madrid. Faro de Moncloa is a high transmission tower, 100m high and with a bow window pointing the city. Enjoy the views! Moncloa Gate, or Victory Arch, is next to the Faro. This monument was built after the Spanish Civil War and is 40 meters tall.

Moncloa Lighthouse in Madrid

Walk south 15 minutes from Moncloa-Argüelles and you’ll find The Royal Palace of Madrid, the official residence of the King of Spain (although he doesn’t live here). It’s worth a visit due to its painting and halls.


The best option if you want to study in the library is to take the subway to María Zambrano Library in University City. It belongs to Universidad Complutense de Madrid, but even if you’re not a student of this institution you may work in one of its big rooms. WiFi is only available for students, but there are computers at hand if you need them.

Maria Zambrano LIbrary in Madrid



Are you planning to continue your studies in University City? In less than 10 minutes with line 6 of the metro you can reach your university, and with line 3 the city centre.

Rental rate

Rental rate for a room ranges from 300€ to 600€ per month, depending on its exact location and the house’s facilities. Would you like to live in Moncloa-Argüelles neighbourhood? Beroomers can help you find your room or flat in this and other areas of the city.

Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: residential, quiet, some nightlife spots, medium-sized streets.
  • Location: northwest the city centre and pretty close to it, surrounded by green areas.
  • Residents: national and international students blend with local people.
  • Facilities: supermarkets, shopping centres, restaurant chains, traditional bars, green areas and cultural offer (cinema, theatres) and attractions. If you’re looking for sports facilities and libraries it’s best to go to nearby University City.
  • Transportation: less than 10 minutes to reach University City and the city centre going underground.
  • Rent: rental rate for a room ranges from 300€ to 600€.
  • Area of Madrid: within the district of Moncloa-Aravaca.

West Park in Madrid

West Park in Madrid. Source:

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