Street in Benimaclet neighbourhood for students

Benimaclet Neighbourhood in Valencia: The Student Guide!

Benimaclet has a distinctive character, which was forged during the times when this area was an independent village nearby Valencia. Nowadays you can still feel the proximity of people on its narrow streets and low buildings, specially in the southern part of the neighbourhood. Stroll around, go into a café-pub and buy some second hand book, talk to friendly locals…Enjoy this neighbourhood for students in Valencia. Enjoy Benimaclet!
Street in Benimaclet neighbourhood

Located nearby most universities Valencia

Benimaclet is district number 14 of Valencia, and includes the neighbourhoods of Benimaclet (named just like the district, at the south of it) and Camí de Vera (which is the northern part of it). It’s located in the north part of Valencia and its boundaries are Primado Reig Avenue-Cofrentes Street, North Boulevard and Alfahuir Street (excluding some of the western streets). It’s located west to University Area (UPV and UV Tarongers Campus) and north to UV Blasco Ibáñez Campus.

A distinctive feature of this neighbourhood is that it its outermost part is occupied by Valencian orchards, cultivated by farmers and local people as urban gardens.

Urban garden in Benimaclet


Enjoy the village-like feeling

Did you know that Benimaclet was an independent village until 1878? In this year, the neighbourhood was integrated in the city of Valencia. However, the traits which define life in a Valencian little town still remain in the southern part of the district.

Buildings are low and people know each other, at least by sight, on the narrow streets of Benimaclet. In fact, when older inhabitants go to the city centre they say that they’re “going to Valencia”. Life revolves around traffic-free Benimaclet Square, with its century-old church, and the traditional and modern businesses which have arise on the last years.

Benimaclet SquareSource:

In summer, older women take out their chairs at their front door and chitchat a little in Valencian language.

Local families, students and immigrants of different nationalities coexist in this part of Benimaclet, which is known in the rest of Valencia as a very active area. You’ll never get bored, being that associations, bars and cultural centers organise cultural activities and debates.

On the contrary, the northern part of Benimaclet (coinciding with the neighbourhood of Camí de Vera) has lost this feeling, as buildings are taller and have been built lately, on top of the old orchards.

Don’t miss original café-pubs and typical orxata

When thinking about Benimaclet, some of its more original café-pubs immediately come to mind. In Kaf Café you can not only have dinner and dance till 2 a.m. to the rhythm of a live concert, but you may also borrow a book or visit a local art exhibition. El Glop is another one you can’t miss, with its billiards and underground music.

For a very relaxing and authentic experience, go to La Casona 1870 and ask to sit down at its typical Valencian backyard. In addition, El Chico Ostra is a café where you can take a bite and buy some second hand books or clothes.

El Chico Ostra Benimaclet

El Chico Ostra. Source:

It will be impossible to describe every single place that is worth a visit in Benimaclet! Just stroll around and choose amongst restaurants of national and international cuisine for all budgets. Tulsa Café, for example, offers gastronomic tastings at 3€.

Please don’t forget that you live just south to the best area in Valencia to taste typical orxata con fartons: Alboraya. Horchatería Daniel is a highly recommended place and just beside Alboraya-Palmaret metro station (lines 3 and 9).

Benimaclet beighbourhood for students in Valencia


Nightlife in this neighbourhood in Valencia

Benimaclet’s nightlife is quite peculiar, as some of the most popular places to party are cafés that later in the night turn into pubs. We’ve already mentioned Kaf Café and El Glop, but there are many others!

Kaf Café Valencia

Kaf Café. Source:

Other interesting option is Café London, which serves delicious cocktails and gin tonics. And if you like outdoor concerts stay tuned to the schedule of Benimaclet Square.

Take part in ancestral traditions

Benimaclet hosts Carnival (Carnestoltes) in February, and is one of the few parts of the city where it’s celebrated. The Moro Maclet (a statue of a giant Moor) is received in the neighbourhood to the rhythm of Valencian music to celebrate the independence of the Caliphate of Benimaclet. After that, local youth dresses up and parties until dawn.

In September, the local festivities take place. They have a religious character and are organised by The Brotherhood of Christ of Providence, although the last years other secular activities are also organized by cultural associations.

The itinerant flea market of Valencia stops at Benimaclet on Fridays. Clothes, saucepans, plants, cloth scraps, shoes…

And, of course, Benimaclet takes an active part in Fallas, which are the big party in Valencia. This local feast transforms the city in a busy and noisy place, where streets are taken over by firecrackers, local people wearing traditional costumes, outdoor parties…The monumentos falleros planted on the squares of the neighbourhood are paperboard monuments which are burnt in the end of this feast in March.

Fallas in Benimaclet

Falla Barón de San Petrillo-Leonor Jovani (Benimaclet). Source:

Benimaclet neighbourhood’s facilities


There are several supermarkets in Benimaclet, so it’s really easy to do your groceries. The southern part of the district is jammed with local stores, some of them decades-old food stores run by local families and others by international newcomers.

But if you rather fill your pantry at trendy and ecological stores, you’ll have the opportunity to do so! La Ola Fresca, for instance, sells organic products and English delicatessen.

La Ola Fresca Bar in Benimaclet

La Ola Fresca. Source:


Do you prefer to shop at shopping malls or at smaller shops? Well, Benimaclet can offer you both possibilities!

The Shopping Mall Arena is the most recently built shopping center of Valencia, just outside Benimaclet’s boundaries. There’s a nice 15 minute walk to arrive at its door, and if you end up the day with heavy bags you may come back home on the tram.

Arena Shopping Mall Valencia

Arena Shopping Mall. Source:

The southern part of Benimaclet has interesting small stores, where you can buy clothes, shoes, sports equipment, medicines…Some of them buy or sell second hand goods.

Sport facilities

This is perhaps one of the neighbourhoods in Valencia with a higher concentration of private gyms. The Atalanta Sport Club-Spa and Forma Sport Alboraya are the two biggest in the area, but it’s quite easy that -depending on where you live- you can find other options nearby. And if you would like to try horse riding, there’s a place quite near to do so called La Hípica!

Green areas

Camí de Vera, the northern part of Benimaclet, is surrounded by orchards. But if you want to stroll around the best place nearby is Jardines del Real (commonly called Viveros). These wide gardens are just outside this neighbourhood for students in Valencia. Local people like to go there, especially on Sundays, to read a book on the grass, taste Spanish tapas, walk the dog or see children playing!

Viveros Garden in Valencia

Viveros Garden. Source:

Cultural offer and attractions

More than 30 neighbourhood associations in Benimaclet, more specifically in its southern part, have achieved to put this district on the cultural map of Valencia. Some of them work under the citizen platform of  Benimaclet Viu, which was formed in 2010. The Terra Centre Social Bar is another well-known social movement that organizes alternative activities. There’s always something happening in Benimaclet!

Benimaclet neighbourhood for students in Valencia


Overall, Benimaclet has a pretty wide cultural offer, including street concerts, art exhibitions or monologues at pubs.


Young students from Benimaclet who want to study in the library usually get the tram to UPV or UV, where there are several quiet places to learn your subjects.


It’s really easy to reach other parts of Valencia when living in Benimaclet. The tram line 4 or 6 (Benimaclet or Vicente Zaragozá stations) will take you to UPV and UV Tarongers Campus within 5 minutes, whilst the tube line 3 connects this district with the city centre in just 3 stops (Benimaclet to Colón metro station). If you’re planning to study at UV Blasco Ibáñez Campus you can get there underground in only one stop. The tram also connects you to the Valencian sunny beach in 10 minutes.

Benimaclet tram station

In addition, to move around you may use Valenbisi, which is the a really cheap public bike system in the city.

Low to mid-range rental rate

Already fell in love with Benimaclet? In this neighbourhood you may find rooms for 200€/month or even less. This makes it one of the most affordable areas in the city to live in. Beroomers can help you find your next ideal home!

Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: village traits and low-building narrow streets at the south of the neighbourhood. The northern part is more city-like and is surrounded by the Valencian orchard. Local stores and original café-pubs in a very socially active area.
  • Location: west to the University Area of UPV and UV Tarongers, and north to UV Blasco Ibáñez Campus.
  • Residents: Local families, students and newcomers from abroad.
  • Local traditions: religious local festivities, Carnival, Fallas and the flea market.
  • Facilities: supermarket, local food market, Arena Shopping Mall, huge gyms, outdoor sports, libraries…
  • Transportation: The tram connects you to UV Tarongers and UPV within 5 minutes and to the Valencian sunny beach in 10 minutes, the tube  takes you to the city centre in just 3 stops.
  • Low to mid-range rental rate: You may find a room at a shared flat for even less than 200€/month!
  • Area of Valencia: Benimaclet (district number 14) includes the neighbourhoods of Benimaclet and Camí de Vera.

Avenue in Benimaclet


Benimaclet is one of the most popular areas, but there are many other different neighbourhoods for students in Valencia! Do you already know which they are? And if you would like to see areas in other cities, then check out our guide of neighbourhoods for students!

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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