Extramurs neighbourhood for students in Valencia

Extramurs in Valencia: the Neighbourhood Guide for Students!

Extramurs is a residential neighbourhood for students in Valencia that was built as an expansion of the old city centre. Its grid pattern combines more upscale areas with more working-class feeling streets. Ángel Guimerá metro station makes this an ideal location for students who plan to study at universities outside Valencia. Did you know that some of the best Spanish omelettes are served in this neighbourhood in Valencia? We share with you this and other facts about Extramurs in this guide!

Neighbourhood for students in Valencia: Extramurs

Located southwest the old city center

Extramurs is district number 3, located southwest the the old city center. It’s composed by the following areas: Botànic, La Roqueta, La Petxina and Arrancapins. Its boundaries are Guillén de Castro Street, the train tracks, Pérez Galdós Avenue and the old river bed, which has been transformed into the biggest green area in Valencia.

Residential neighbourhood in Valencia

Extramurs is a residential neighbourhood built as an extension of the old town to give accommodation to the growing population. In fact, the majority of buildings were built between 1900 and 1960. The apartments at Gran Vía Fernando el Católico Street are somehow upscale, whereas adjacent streets have a more working-class feeling.

Quart Street in Extramurs area

This area combines streets on a grid pattern with others on a more irregular outline. Residents come in and out of local stores, which are located at the ground floors. Working professionals and families intermingle with students in Extramurs, specially in the area surrounding Ángel Guimerá metro station. This is definitely a quiet and very livable area!

Some of the best tapas and tortillas in Valencia

Perhaps the best option to eat out at Extramurs is to simply walk down the streets and find a bar or restaurant that suits your taste and budget.

You can find almost any type of cuisine in Extramurs, but if you want to taste Spanish traditional food you must order some tapas at Bar Los Caracoles (C/Convento Jerusalén). Spaniards love tapas, which are exquisite portions of food, and you will soon love them too! Don’t expect a refined place but do expect to eat really well (and cheap!)

One of the best tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette) is cooked at Bar Alhambra. The make enourmous tortillas but don’t worry, because you can order one piece or ración. Order a beer (una caña) with it to have brunch as a local!

Bar Alhambra in Extramurs (omelette)

Source: www.estamostendenciados.blogspot.com

If you’re looking for international cuisine, Dukala (C/ Sanchis Bergon, 27) is a highly-recommended Moroccan restaurant. Actually it’s considered one of the best restaurants in Valencia.

Tropical, rock and flamenco nightlife

Despite the fact that Extramurs is a residential neighborhood, there’s some nightlife going on! It’s not the most popular area for students to party. However, there are a few clubs that are worth a visit, especially in Juan Llorens Street.

Hawaika is a renowned pub in the city which serves tropical drinks. The decoration is just superb and it’s organised in small private corners. It’s really unique.

Hawaika Pub (Valencia)

Hawaika. Source: www.youtube.com

For live rock gigs head to Loco Club. The pub also plays soul, country, pop, punk, garage and indie. Rock lovers can also find good music at Magazine! And if you’re looking for something more Spanish, Café del Duende offers flamenco performances from Thursdays to Sundays.

Flamenco in Valencia

Source: www.bcneventsandcrawls.com

The discotheque Super Club 95 is within 10 minutes walking distance from Juan Llorens Street, so keep it in mind just in case you want to party til dawn!

Live Fallas in Extramurs

Have you heard of Valencian Fallas? It’s the most important celebration of the city, that takes place during one week in March but is prepared from one year to the next. Streets become crowded with locals and tourists, who come to see fireworks and the monumentos falleros that are burnt on the last day of Fallas. You can’t imagine how much the city is transformed unless you’re living here! Watch out for firecrackers!

Located within Extramurs is one of the most important Fallas, this is, one of the most active group of locals who form a club-like association and live the feast together. Every local knows where Falla de Convento Jerusalén is!

Falla Convento Jerusalen in Valencia

Falla Convento de Jerusalén in 2014. Source: www.travelandtwitts.com

Extramurs neighbourhood’s facilities


In Extramurs is really easy to fill your pantry. Of course, there are several supermarkets in the area. But not only that, if you rather buy ecological food you’ll find two neat places in the area: Herbolario Navarro and Ecorganic Ecomarket.

Herbolario Navarro shop

Herbolario Navarro. Source: www.fivetopfive.com

The streets between Gran Vía Ramón y Cajal and Xátiva Streets are the place to go to buy authentic Chinese food, at groceries run by newcomers.


3 metro stops from Ángel Guimerá and you’re in the shopping city center, where shopping malls and international brands are waiting for you. Not only you can find clothes, but also all types of accessories, electronic devices, sport equipment…

Jorge Juan shopping mall in Valencia

Source: www.nueva.lagaleriajorgejuan.com

Sport facilities

Are you worried about how too many tapas may affect your fitness? The good news is that there are several private gyms in the area. In addition, you may also try out Petxina Sports and Cultural Center, whose building was recently fitted and also hosts guided activities.

Green areas

Extramurs neighbours upon the biggest green area in the city. Jardín del Turia (commonly known as El Río), on top of the old riverbed, is now a very popular place in the city to walk, do running, go for a picnic…

The Botanic Garden of Valencia is rich in exotic species and has a magical atmosphere. Without question it’s worth a visit!

Valencian Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden. Source: www.espores.org

Cultural offer and attractions

Extramurs is just beside the old city centre and this explains that the Quart Towers stands in one of its boundaries. This is one of the antique mediaeval entries of the city that have remained until today. It offers an astonishing view, embedded within narrow streets.

Quart Towers in Extramurs Valencia

Quart Towers. Source: www.ahoravalencia.es

La Finca Roja is an architectural gem in Valencia, which was finished as a residential block in 1933. Its name (the red building) obeys to the fact that its facade is made out of red bricks. This is perhaps one of the most representative buildings in Extramurs, which was conceived as an expansion of the old city.

La Finca Roja

La Finca Roja. Source: www.callejandoporvalencia.blogspot.com

Another building which is worth seeing is the North Train Station. Don’t overlook its entrance hall, result of local craftsmanship, and which is perhaps even more beautiful than its modernist facade from 1917.

You’re only 3 metro stops away from the shopping city centre (Ángel Guimerá to Colón stations), where there’s a wide cultural offer of theatres and cinemas. Apart from that, within the boundaries of Extramurs is Micalet Theatre with its original plays.


Valencian students from all over the city travel to the Main Public Library. Lucky you, because it’s just beside Extramurs! When you put your feet on it you’ll feel immediately inspired. This old hospital was transformed into perhaps the most marvelous place to study in Valencia.

Valencia Main Public Library


The neighborhood of Extramurs is a really well-connected are in Valencia. In fact, two of the three train stations in Valencia are here: the North Station (Estación del Norte) and Joaquín Sorolla Station. If you want to travel around Spain, or even Europe, buy your tickets and off you go!

Apart from that, 6 metro stations scattered throughout Extramurs connect you to other parts of the city, namely, Túria, Plaça Espanya and Joaquín Sorolla-Jesús (line 1), Ángel Guimerá (lines 1, 3, 5 and 9), Bailén (lines 3 and 7) and, Xátiva (lines 3, 5 and 9).

If you’re studying in UCH CEU, UCV Godella Campus you can reach university in 20 minutes going underground (line 1), and in about the same time UV Campus Burjassot changing trains with the tram. UCV City Centre Campus is within 10 minutes walking distance.

On Sundays (or whenever you want) head to the sunny Valencian beach! Take the subway line 3 or 9 from Ángel Guimerá to Benimaclet station, and then tram line 4 or 6 to Eugenia Viñes stop. You’ll be there in about half an hour.

Once you’re living in Valencia you will see people moving around in Valenbisi, which is the cheap public bike network in the city. A fast and ecological way to reach your destination!

Mid-range rental rate

Do you like the neighborhood of Extramurs? Living here is quite affordable. You can find rooms for about 300€/month. Are you imagining yourself on its streets? Beroomers is willing to help you find your next home in the area!

Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: residential district, mix of upscale and working-class areas. 
  • Location: southwest the city center.
  • Residents: working professionals, local families and students.
  • Local traditions: one of the most active hubs in Fallas is here.
  • Facilities: supermarkets, ecological and Chinese stores, near the shopping city center, gyms, public sports center in the area, green areas, the Main Public Library…
  • Transportation: well-connected by metro, train and the public bike system.
  • Mid-range rental rate: rooms for about 300€/month.
  • Area of Valencia: district number 3. Areas included: Botànic, La Roqueta, La Petxina and Arrancapins.

Quart Street in Valencia

Extramurs is one of the most popular neighbourhoods for students in Valencia! If you’re still making up your mind about which city would be the best one to choose, then this guide about different neighbourhoods for students will help you 🙂

Extramurs street in Valencia

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