Housing in Pla del Real neighborhood in Valencia

Neighbourhoods for students in Valencia: Pla del Real

Pla del Real neighbourhood for students in Valencia is a residential and mostly quiet area in Valencia, located close to UV Blasco Ibáñez Campus and to Jardines del Real, which is one of the biggest green areas in the city. Aragón Avenue is one of its arteries, and at night offers student plenty of places to party. Keep reading to know more about it!

Aragon Avenue in Valencia

Housing next to UV Blasco Ibáñez Campus

Pla del Real is a district located to the east of the city centre, and includes the neighbourhoods of: Exposició, Mestalla, Ciutat Universitària and Jaume Roig. The UV Campus Blasco Ibáñez and UEM Valencia are within the boundaries of this neighbourhood, whose limits are: Cardenal Benlloch Avenue and its continuation Eduardo Boscá, Passeig de la Ciutadella, Cavanillas Street and Primado Reig Avenue.

Residential and upscale neighbourhood in Valencia

This residential and quiet neighbourhood is known in Valencia as one of the most upscale neighbourhoods, although some of its streets have a more working-class feeling, especially in the southern part of Pla del Real. The wide avenues of Aragón, Primado Reig and Blasco Ibáñez are busier and have more traffic. The majority of buildings are tall and quite newly built.

Approximately a quarter of this area is taken up by Blasco Ibáñez Campus of UV, so of course this neighbourhood has a young student atmosphere. Valencian bourgeoisie, office workers and students are the type of people you can expect to see on the streets.

When there’s football match, the area around Mestalla Football Field (hosting Valencia CF) in Aragón Avenue becomes really crowded!

Mestalla (Valencia)

Nice Spanish bodegas and international cuisine restaurants

Within the boundaries of Pla del Real there are two main areas for eating out: Aragón and Blasco Ibáñez.

In Aragón Avenue and adjacent streets you’ll find restaurants and bars to suit all budgets. Some of them offer traditional Spanish food, but other places in the area serve international cuisine, such as Chinese or Italian food.

Restaurant in El Pla del Real

Source: www.5barricas.es

Bodegas are quite popular here: traditional bars to taste delicious tapas, bravas and inlay. Wondering about what tapas and bravas are? Tapas are little portions of food beloved by Spaniards, whilst bravas are the best way to prepare potatoes. Once you’ve tried them you won’t be able to stop ordering them!


Source: Leo Gonzales (www.flickr.com)

The area around Blasco Ibáñez Avenue is also a good place to eat out and to spend the afternoon having a drink. Cervecería Castillo de Quintos is usually crowded with students drinking cheap beer, every student in Valencia knows this beerhouse! Another popular place is Sofra Kebap. Just stroll around and choose amongst all possibilities.

Pubs with character for an unforgettable night out

The area around Aragón Avenue becomes rather busy at night, with young (and not so young) people eating at its restaurants and later dancing or just having a drink at one of the numerous pubs. Some of them are well-liked places in Valencia and have been responsible for making Valencia’s night remarkable for many years now. It is difficult to find a local resident who hasn’t danced at least once in Black Note, Nikanna Pub, Sally O’Brien Irish Pub, Café Tucán or Caribbeans Pub. Each of them play a different type of music and some even host live sessions or concerts.

The Kojaks concert in The Black Note

The Kojaks, Black Note. Source: www.dynamomusica.blogspot.com

The neighbourhood of Pla del Real is not far from two different night spots: Xúquer-Honduras zone and Cedro zone, around squares with the same name. These two areas become crowded with students, starting on Thursday night (what we call jueves universitarios) until Sunday at dawn.

Fallas in Pla del Real

The neighbourhood of Pla del Real takes part in the big celebration of Fallas in the city, which takes place during one week in March. Streets become noisy places where children throw firecrackers; brass bands play music; and Valencians wear the typical costume, eat chocolate con churros and party at outdoor concerts. The monumentos falleros (paperboard card works of art which are burnt on the last day of the feast) take over streets and squares, so driving and moving around the city is complicated.

Fallas in Pla del Real neighborhood

Falla Exposición-Micer Mascó. Source: www.fallas.blogspot.com

People from all over the world come to Valencia to see the show! And Pla del Real has some of the most beautiful monumentos falleros and most active spots in Fallas: Falla Exposición-Micer Mascó and Falla Alameda Mestalla are two very popular spots. However, several areas remain quiet, just in case you need shelter!

Pla del Real neighbourhood’s facilities


There are diverse supermarkets for you to do your groceries, two of them (Ecorganic Ecomarket and Herbolario Navarro) with ecological products. There are not so many small stores in the area, except from bakeries, as commercial venue’s prices can be quite high.

Herbolario Navarro shop

Herbolario Navarro. Source: www.quenomeladenconqueso.blogs.harperbazaar.es


In Pla del Real you’ll come across some shops for daily basic needs, such as drugstores or optics. But if you want to go shopping and discover Spanish fashion, then the best option is to take the bus (about 10 minutes journey) or metro (3 minutes journey to Colón metro station) to the city centre around Colón Street. Shopping malls and fashion chains are waiting for you!

El Corte Inglés shopping center

El Corte Inglés Source: www.abc.es

Sport facilities

Pla del Real hosts Mestalla Football Stadium, which is the ground where the Valencia CF plays. It has a capacity of 55,000 spectators and the atmosphere when there’s a match is simply awesome.

Apart from watching other people doing sport, you can practice it yourself in this neighbourhood in Valencia. Perhaps the most interesting option is to enroll in the activities and sports offered by UV in its Blasco Ibáñez Campus.

Basketball sports in UV

Source: www.sefuv.uv.es

Would you like to try horse riding? There’s a private horse riding club in the area, which also offers the possibility of practicing tennis or paddle.

Green areas

Pla del Real is divided into two parts by Avenue Blasco Ibáñez, where tall trees give a shadow which is highly appreciated by pedestrians. Near the avenue’s starting point are the nineteenth-century Monforte Gardens, which have a really magical atmosphere.

However, if you’re looking for the perfect place to relax and go for a walk, you’ll find it in Jardines del Real (commonly known as Viveros) just across the western boundaries of the neighbourhood. It’s quite common to see young people playing music or practising tai-chi, people of all ages walking the dog, and of course children running after pigeons or feeding the ducks! Don’t miss its atmosphere on Sundays, you can sit down on a sunny terrace and taste some Spanish tapas.

Viveros in Pla del Real Valencia

Jardines del Real. Source: www.dival.es

The old riverbed (as locals say, el Río) is the southern limit of Pla del Real. Nowadays it’s a very wide green area where people go running and sit down on the grass and picnic.

Cultural offer and attractions

The most fascinating building in Pla del Real neighbourhood is perhaps El Palacio de la Exposición: a palace built in only 70 days to host part of the activities that took place in the forthcoming Regional Exhibition of 1909 in Valencia. Another striking building is the Old Tobacco Factory, which was also used during the exhibition and still stands today.

Exposicion Palace in Pla del Real

Palacio de la Exposición. Source: www.hispanismo.org

Do you like classical music? The Palau de la Música is the meeting point for classical music lovers and its complete agenda includes international and national musicians. And if you can’t live without cinema, the Cines Albatros-Babel casts original version films with Spanish subtitles.

Don’t forget to visit (at least once) the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia and the Natural Sciences Museum inside Jardines del Real.

Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia

Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia. Source: www.hortainformacio.com


If you’re going to be an UV student you should know where the Joan Reglà Library is. It has nearly 400,000 books and 700 seats! You can even borrow a laptop if you need it. The public library Palau de L’exposició is also a quiet place in the neighbourhood.


Aragón (lines 5 and 7), Alameda (3, 5, 7 and 9), Facultats (3 and 9) metro stations connect Pla del Real with the rest of Valencia. For example, you can reach the shopping centre (Colón metro stop) in less than 5 minutes.

In addition, to move around Valencia you may use Valenbisi, which is the cheap public bike system in the city.

In only 20 minutes, first going underground (lines 5 and 7 from Aragón stop) and then by tram line 6, you can set foot on the Valencian beach!

Malvarrosa beach in Valencia

Source: www.valenciaterraimar.org

Rooms for rent (rental rate)

Some streets can be quite expensive, but it’s possible to find accommodation at mid-range rental rate in the neighbourhood. If you’re willing to pay about 250€/month for a room at a shared flat, Beroomers can help you find the room or flat you need!

Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: residential and quiet, mix of upscale and working-class areas, some nightlife spots.
  • Location:  surrounding UV Blasco Ibáñez Campus, quite near the city centre.
  • Residents: Valencian bourgeoisie and national and international students.
  • Local traditions: Fallas, the big local celebration of the city (firecrackers, noise, traditional music, outdoor parties…).
  • Facilities: Supermarkets, nearby city centre, Viveros gardens, libraries…
  • Transportation: If you’re studying at UV Blasco Ibáñez Campus it’s quite likely that you can go on foot, except if you’re living on the most southern part of Pla del Real. You can reach the city centre in less than 5 minutes going underground, and the beach in about 20 minutes by metro and tram.
  • Rooms for rent (rental rate): you can find rooms at shared flats for 250€/month approximately.
  • Area of Valencia: includes the neighbourhoods of: Exposició, Mestalla, Ciutat Universitària and Jaume Roig.

Are you curious about what other neighbourhoods for students in Valencia will suit you? Valencia is such a nice place that it’s sometimes difficult to choose only one! And if you’re still deciding where to live your next adventure, check out our complete guide of neighbourhoods for students in different cities 🙂

UV Blasco Ibáñez Campus

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