Ruzafa neighbourhood for students in Valencia

Ruzafa Neighbourhood in Valencia: The Student Guide!

Are you ready to continue your studies in Valencia? The neighbourhood you choose to live in can make such a difference!  Ruzafa (or Russafa, in Valencian language) is the trendiest neighbourhood for students in Valencia. It’s a bustling multi-cultural area which has become popular to go out at night. Are you asking yourself where to live in Valencia? Keep reading to find out if this is the ideal neighbourhood for you!

Ruzafa neighbourhood for students in Valencia


Located next to the shopping centre

Ruzafa is located within L’Eixample district, very near to the old city centre and to the main shopping hub of Valencia. Its limits are Avenida de Peris y Valero, Avenida del Reino de Valencia and the train tracks of the North Train Station.

The trendiest area in Valencia

Once a decadent neighbourhood, Ruzafa is now the trendiest area in Valencia. This is a historic working-class neighbourhood, which has increasingly attracted artists and bohemian people, shaping this area as we now know it. Hipsters, hippies and artists of Valencia like to live here, or at least hang around its narrow streets and lively squares.

Ruzafa is a melting point of cultures and ways of living. People from dozens of nationalities (including Spanish, of course) live together and have their shops and bars here, so if you like to be surprised daily this is your place! Art exhibitions, vintage shops, street art, live concerts and singular restaurants complete the special atmosphere.

Rooftop photograph in Ruzafa

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Life is slow and calm here during daytime. But at night, Ruzafa becomes a really vivid place, with so many bars and restaurants to choose from. This neighbourhood in Valencia is one of the most popular meeting points in the city.

Original restaurants and cozy cafés

Ruzafa is well-known for its carefully thought restaurants and cafés. These are decorated in a variety of styles and offer different types of cuisine, both international and national. In addition, cosy bars are the retreat of hipsters who like to have some time to relax.

La Fusteria is a charming place to eat pizza, drink beer, listen to good music and simply enjoy a night out in this neighbourhood. They may even fix your bike whilst you’re relaxing!

Plus, the popular Ubik Café is a café-bookshop ideal to disappear an afternoon from the rest of the world. Clients can even enjoy live sessions of jazz: this is definitely a cool place! It’s located in Calle Literato Azorín, which is the street you must visit if you like to be in the middle of things.

Ubik Cafe in Ruzafa neighbourhood for students


Ruzafa’s neighbourhood hosts restaurants for all budgets. From Michelin-star restaurants owned by the famous chef Ricard Camarena, to other places where you can eat tasty food for less than 10€. Whether you rather taste Spanish tapas or are a Japanese food lover, you’ll find somewhere to eat! And if you want to feel the Valencian experience, go into El Rojo bar and ask for some quintos (20cl of beer) and montaditos (tiny delicious bocatas).

Canalla Bistro Restaurant in Ruzafa area


Neighbourhood in Valencia with vivid nightlife

Ruzafa is nowadays the trendiest area to eat out and party at night in Valencia. The surroundings of Calle Literato Azorín are jammed with cafés, pubs and restaurants, each of them with their unique ambience. If you like jazz, don’t miss live sessions in Café Mercedes.

Begin by having dinner at a Thai or Moroccan food restaurant. Then, drink a cocktail or a personalised gin at a family-run cellar. After that, dance to salsa or to pop-indie-electronic music. When the night finishes is entirely up to you!

Fallas in Ruzafa neighbourhood

This neighbourhood in Valencia plays a big part in Fallas, the most popular local party, which attracts thousands of tourists all over the world in March. Many streets are cut off from traffic and people come to Ruzafa to see some of the biggest monumentos falleros (artistic cardboard paper monuments which are burnt on the last day of the feast) and awesome street lights in Calle Cuba and Calle Sueca. If you are in Valencia during Fallas, you’ll love the colourful fireworks at night.

Street lights in Fallas in Russafa


Ruzafa neighbourhood’s facilities


It’s really easy to do your groceries in Ruzafa. You can choose between supermarkets and a wide variety of small shops, including ecological food and other nationalities shops. Chinese and Latin American food shops, for example, are pretty nice and offer products which are almost impossible to find in other neighbourhoods in Valencia.

Mercat de Russafa is the local market built in 1957. It supplies with fresh food, such as vegetables from local farmers or seafood from the beach. Olives are really nice and are prepared in different ways. Each day you can choose a different product from this bustling market and try to prepare it as Spanish do. Why not?

Food market in Ruzafa Valencia



Ruzafa is the place to go if you like vintage style. Chic vintage and local designers shops intermingle in the streets with antique shops and wine or gin cellars. It’s quite easy to enter a shop and see an exhibition from a local artist hanging on its walls. For book lovers, Ruzafa displays new and used bookshops.

Kauf Vintage shop in Ruzafa


If you live in Ruzafa you just need to walk to the shopping center, where you will find shopping malls and international chain shops.

Sports facilities

Although there are no public sports facilities in Ruzafa you’ll find private gyms to practice sport and even martial arts.

Green areas

Manuel Granero Square is the only green area in the neighbourhood, where children play in the park and adults drink beer at sunny terraces.

However, within walking distance is the biggest green area of Valencia, with 110 hectares, on the old riverbed, hence its non-official name El Río (the river), as locals say. People go there to do running or biking, and even play football. Doing picnic here is also quite popular!

Turia River in Valencia

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Cultural offer and attractions in Ruzafa

Valencia’s bullring is at one of the geographical corners of Ruzafa. Even if you never plan to see bullfights, check out for the events (including concerts) and local markets that take place inside it.

The North Train Station is the main cultural attraction. It’s a modernist masterpiece built in 1917. The entrance hall, a result of local craftsmanship, surpasses the facade in beauty.

North Train Station in Valencia


If you like to see contemporary art exhibitions you’ll enjoy Espai Tactel or Sporting Club Russafa, which have become a compulsory meeting point for artists in the city.

Going to the theatre is possible in Sala Russafa, where you may also watch classic films. In the shopping centre nearby you may also go to the cinema.


There’s a public library in Ruzafa called Nova Al-Russafí. However, within 15 minutes walking distance is the beautiful main Public Library (c/Hospital). This may be your retreat for studying.


Ruzafa is a well-connected area. The shopping city centre is right next to this neighbourhood, so you can walk there. The metro stop Bailén (lines 3 and 7) is within 10 minutes walking distance, and you also have the Train Station near, just in case you want to visit other Spanish regions!

Plus, travel distances to the main universities are the following:

  • UV Tarongers Campus and UPV: 20 minutes going underground and then by tram.
  • UV Blasco Ibáñez Campus or UEM Valencia: 10 minutes underground.
  • UCV City Center Campus: 15 minutes walking.
  • UCH CEU: it will take you about 45 minutes to reach there, first by bus and then going underground.
  • UV Burjassot Campus: half an hour on the bus.
  • UCV Godella: 40 minutes distance by bus and then by metro.

In addition, to move short to medium distances you may use Valenbisi, which is the cheap public bike system in Valencia.

Street in Ruzafa neighbourhood



Already in love with Ruzafa? Living here can be quite affordable, as it’s not so difficult to find a room at a shared flat for under 300€/month. Beroomers can help you find your next housing for students in the area!

Short and sweet

  • Atmosphere: trendy, bustling, vivid nightlife, unique restaurants and cafés. Old buildings and narrow streets with a young heart. 
  • Location: next to the shopping centre and close to the old city centre. 
  • Residents: artists, bohemians, people from dozens of nationalities.
  • Local traditions: Fallas, a local celebration that attracts tourists all over the world.
  • Facilities: supermarkets, small vintage shops, bookshops, art exhibitions, vast green area nearby and a local market. 
  • Transportation: within walking distance to the shopping centre, and connected by metro and a public bike system. Reach University Area within 20 minutes going underground. 
  • Rental rate: mid-range rental rate, you can find a room for less than 300€/month.
  • Area of Valencia: L’Eixample district.

Ruzafa neighbourhood for students in Valencia

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This is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods for students in Valencia, but there are much more! And to have more information about other cities, check our neighbourhoods for students guide 🙂

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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