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Nightlife in Valencia: the Best Areas for Students

Nightlife in Valencia is something that you can’t miss…and there are different areas to explore! This is the complete guide with the best areas for students in Valencia. Each one has its own different atmosphere and is crowded by different types of people.

El Carmen

Can a whole neighbourhood be a good area for nightlife in Valencia? Well, in fact yes, it can! Many streets are jam-packed with young people, both foreigners and locals, looking for a nice bar where to sip a cocktail or for the perfect pub to dance, depending on the type of music you prefer: punk, house, hip-hop, reggae, underground, rock… Here you can live the Valencian night at low cost!

Caballeros Street is the hub, although locals tend to say: “¿Salimos por el Carmen?” Hidden gems are waiting for you in the adjacent streets of El Carmen neighbourhood, such as Radio City, one of the most popular pubs in the city.

El Carmen nightlife

Nightlife in Valencia: El Carmen. Source: www.500px.com


If you’re looking for the trendiest area of all for going out in Valencia, Ruzafa is the place to go! It can easily hold the highest density of hipsters per square meter in the city 😉 After a nice Spanish dinner around Literato Azorín Street, head to one of the terraces on the street and ask for their cocktail menu. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose!
A night out with friends in the neighbourhood of Ruzafa can be unforgettable. Our recommendation is that you don’t miss Café Mercedes, which holds jazz live sessions.

Ruzafa nightlife

Terraces at night in Ruzafa. Source: www.ciudadesvalencia.com

Plaza del Cedro (Cedro Square)

Plaza del Cedro is located within the neighbourhood of Ayora in Valencia. Locals and Erasmus students tend to gather in this square at night. The area is has plenty of bars to have dinner. Later on, students queue outside the disco Rumbo 144, which is 5 minutes away, to live an amusing night. Erasmus: you are welcome here (especially on Thursdays, the ultimate night to party for students in Valencia).

Nightlife for students in Valencia: El Cedro

Wah Wah Club. Source: www.underscore.es

Honduras-Xúquer Square

The squares of Honduras and Xúquer are pretty close to each other, and are other 2 of the best areas for students to go out in Valencia. Located near Tarongers Campus of the University of Valencia and close to the Polytechnical University of Valencia, many students start their weekend in this spot for nightlife in Valencia. It would be really difficult to say how many bars you may find here. And there are also some nice pubs to dance! The neighbourhood of Algirós, where these zones are located, is a residential area, where thousands of students live during the school year.

Student nightlife in Valencia: Xúquer

The Black Turtle Burger. Source: www.theblackturtle.es


For a different night out, head to the neighbourhood of Benimaclet, where the night transforms itself, as some of the most frequented places to party start the night as cafés, becoming pubs later on in the night. You can’t miss Kaf Café and El Glop, but there are many others! Plus, Café London serves delicious cocktails and gin tonics. There are even outdoor concerts in Benimaclet Square for students (and everyone, in fact) when the weather is warm.

Nightlife in Benimaclet

El Chico Ostra. Source: www.amoryvirtud.com

Aragón Avenue area

Around Aragón Avenue you may find some of the most renown pubs, those which have been filling student nights out with high quality music during decades. We’re talking about Black Note, Café Tucán or the Caribbeans Pub. Aragón is a small area which contains a wide variety of music, from pop to jazz live sessions. When the night begins, terraces are crowded with students talking and preparing themselves for a great night out. Nightlife in Valencia rocks!

Aragón area for students

The Kojaks, Black Note. Source: www.dynamomusica.blogspot.com

Juan Llorens in Extramurs neighbourhood

Extramurs is basically a residential neighbourhood. However, there’s some nightlife going on! The tropical drinks which are served in the private corners in Hawaika Pub attract students all over the city. Rock lovers meet in Loco Club, whilst those looking for flamenco performances head to Café del Duende. And last but not least, the disco Indiana is pretty close and has a good atmosphere.

Nightlife in Valencia

Source: www.bcneventsandcrawls.com

Did you enjoy our Valencia Nightlife Guide? Feel free to add any additional areas or pubs you would like to recommend! There’s so much going on during nightlife in Valencia that it would be impossible to mention each and every place on the post 😉

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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