Tips to overcome post-Erasmus blues

Post-Erasmus Depression: There’s Light At The End of The Tunnel!

Arriving home from Erasmus can be sometimes difficult. But don’t worry! Overcoming your post-Erasmus depression is easy-peasy with these tips.

  1. Help Other Erasmus students

    One of the best (and caring!) ways to overcome post-Erasmus depression is to help other Erasmus students. For example, being an ESN member you can give new students tips on how to make the most out of their experience and even show them around their new city! If you’re still studying at university, head to your local office and offer them a helping hand.
    There are many other associations, firms and institutions whose activities or services are aimed at international students. This way you can still stay in touch with the kind of people you enjoyed sharing not so long ago.

    Group of friends in Boston

  2. Take Part In Intercultural Activities

    Such as language conversational exchanges, culinary meetings or cultural events. If the cause of your Erasmus blues is that you find monocultural life boring, then these kind of intercultural activities will surely cheer you up!

  3. Share Your Stories

    Telling your own stories is sometimes the best therapy. You can share your anecdotes both offline and online! Start your own blog, offer yourself as a guest blogger for blogs for students, use social media…There’s nothing more thrilling than building your own life story!

    Friends talking

  4. Find A Job Abroad Or Join Erasmus+

    Did you know that more and more companies are positively valuing having an Erasmus experience? Besides language improvement, many other skills acquired during this period will help your CV stand out from the rest: self-confidence, global awareness, resilience, independence…
    You can go for finding a job or dream internship directly! You can also benefit from Erasmus+ programme and enjoy a traineeship abroad. You set your limits 😉

    Couple working with a laptop

  5. Keep Travelling

    Isn’t travelling one of the most exciting experiences during Erasmus? You can still do it! Even if you’re still on a student budget, thrifty alternatives are popping up, such as couchsurfing. Plus, there’s a perfect excuse to revisit your Erasmus city: meeting your friends again!

    Girl travelling

  6. Stay Connected With Friends: Once Erasmus, Always Erasmus

    The good news is that social media will make this easy! As you maybe already found out…Once Erasmus, Always Erasmus. So it’s better not to fight against this and feel Erasmus for a long while. There’s nothing wrong with that! So plan trips together, meet your friends in your own country…

    Friends meeting again

Would you like to add any other tip for overcoming your depression? Sharing is caring!

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  • Ruth Kinloch

    Great tips! Erasmus experience is something unique and uniting. The moments related to this program are unforgettable and the willing of former participants to continue this experience even by sharing and spreading the idea to others is quite reasonable. And of course, new destinations, new people, and new adventures could be a great sequel of Erasmus.

    • Clara from The BeTeam

      Hi, Ruth! Thank you for your comment. Erasmus is definitely one of the best experiences! And, as you say, sequels come after it (which is great). Best!

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