Quit your job and follow your dreams! 🍍 🍉 🍊 Comprea´s Team 🍎 🍔 🍗

Discover how four developers from Madrid quit their jobs in well known  Internet companies to pursue their dream job: developing  a startup by themselves!

comprea team plug and play

1) Who are Javi Berlana, Ismael, Javier de la llave and Martin?

We are four “madrileños” from 27 to 28 years old. We love adventure so we get bored easily if we do the same thing everyday! That is why two years ago we decided to quit our jobs in well known Spain´s Internet best companies to start our own.

We have developed Comprea, an online platform where you can pick high quality foods you require and have them delivered in just one hour!

(download our app here)


2) Why did you move from Madrid to Valencia? Which one do you prefer now?

When you are developing your startup you want to grow fast and avoid doing the same mistakes as others did that is why the best to do is being surrounded by experienced people!

Depending on your startup status you can apply either to an accelerator or an incubator, in our case we applied to one of the best accelerators in Europe called “Plug and Play” and based in Valencia. That is why we end up here surrounded by awesome people instead of, for example, in Copenhagen!

3) What would you say its the most difficult thing of sharing a flat with friends?

Although we know each other since college, sharing a flat with friends is sometimes harder than with unknown people. But if you share it with friends who happen to be work colleagues and startup partners… you are face to face with the same people 24/7. You work with them, live with them and go clubbing with them…

That is why we have given each other lots of personal space from the beginning. It could sound strange but everyone has their own dinner time, we never cook together except in special occasions because we do have lunch together at the office!


4) Did you share costs while living together? Could you share some tip/advice?

Yes, we share flat costs and we use two apps to do it:

1) Splitwise: helps you track who paid what and who owe money to whom!

2) Comprea: helps you do the shopping easily and have it delivered at home. This way nobody has to carry heavy bags by himself neither schedule a day to do our shopping together!


5) What do you like the most about living in Valencia?

It has the perfect size for a city because is big enough to avoid getting bored but small enough to commute easily either cycling or walking. Plus you can live, as we do, five minutes away from your office/study space! We think living near from your work or study space improves your quality of life!


6) Which spots/bars/pubs would you recommend to someone who is new in Valencia? 

On Wednesday´s night they play Jazz concerts on Bigornia ; If you happen to be in Ruzafa during Lunch time go to Rus Bar (Calle sueca 35, Ruzafa) and enjoy its “bocadillos” or you could grab a beer in La Fusteria (Calle Cádiz 28, Ruzafa).

El Carmen neighbourhood is also a good place to taste some tapas or go clubbing for example in RadioCity, El Vibora or some random pub in Plaza del Tossal.

7) If you could go back in time would you change anything? Could you share with our roomers some lifehack or advice? 

If you move to Valencia you should check two things… ( you could thanks us later 😛 )

Check if your flat counts with air conditioning or a balcony or terrace because during summer weather is REALLY warm and as an advice, book your flat/room near your University/work space you will save time and money that you could spend in other things 😉


We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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