Roommates Life Tips

Discover 10 tips full of wisdom about the roommates life thanks to this fabulous twins Video. Enjoy!

Roommates Life Tips:

1) Do random roommates. (In Beroomers you could do it!)

2) Try to connect with your roommate before you arrive. Get to know each other via online make it less akward.

3) Set rules at the beginning.

4) Talk to them about their habits and routines.

5) Give it your effort two weeks. You can´t decide you hate that person just in 24 hours of convivence.

6) Be honest and tell her/him when you´re not comfortable.

7) Be open to differences.

8) Be respectful with bathrooms. (floss the toilet)

9) If you´re not connecting… Speak to each other. Communication is key.

10) Keep all your valuable things hidden or locked. (Just to avoid discussions)


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