Study Abroad Packing Musts: What To Wear In London This Summer!

They say Brits are always speaking about the weather, in this post you will discover what makes UK Weather one of the preferred topics and what to wear when studying abroad this “summer” in London!

“I am leaving because weather is too good. I hate London when it is not raining” Groucho Marx

London´s weather is very unpredictable that is why it makes it so difficult on clothing terms! As you can see in London´s weather forecast, temperatures range from 8º to 24º. That is why you will find this post helpful to find the musts you will need to pack this summer!

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The main rules on Packing for London´s Summer:

a) Layers Mode ON!

Before our 10 must to pack items it is important that you internalise that in London you will need to bring clothes that you can layer! Its temperatures could range between 8º – 24º during the summer that is what makes its weather so unpredictable!

b) The importance of Accessories

Accessories are essential when studying abroad because it can take an outfit from day to night and add variety to your wardrobe. So pack your favourites!


What to Wear this summer in London

1) BackPack:

Even if you don´t use it since school you will definitely need it in your weekends away to nearby countries! (Check our favourites! Ribags)

2) Umbrella:

As we said, during the day weather could change from sunny and warm to cold and rainy! That is why every Londoner always have an umbrella and a scarf tucked away in their handbag!

3) Scarfs:


4) Raincoat:

Any kind of raincoat or waterproof jacket is a must! And if your raincoat is hooded, much better! Rainy days tend to be windy and sometimes is difficult (or even impossible) to use an umbrella.

5) Leather Jacket or a Wool Coat:

A versatile go with everything jacket! When packing it is essential to choose a “go with everything” coat because this will leave room in your luggage for other kind of clothes!


6) Leggings:

Leggings are very versatile and easy to pack! Discover how to fold them to pack light in this video:

7) Dress:

A classy attire, for a night out with friends in Soho or in the West End! (Dresses don’t take too much luggage so you could pack more than one and and take your look from day to night thanks to accessories!

8) Stylish Trainers:

It is important to be comfortable if you plan to be sightseeing all day! Plus if you are a “runner” 47 percent of London is Green Space so don’t forget to pack your running shoes to enjoy this green paradise! (Our favourite trainers? We loved the #NikeFree ones on Paula Ordovás Blog)

9) Boots:

Rain Boots are not as essential! Instead your best friends will be a pair of flat, mid-calf /ankle boots that you can wear them with everything: jeans, dresses and leggings. (Most Londoners don’t wear Wellies often, in fact they use water repellent spray on all their shoes.)

Sandals don’t take up too much room in your suitcase so don’t forget to pack some warm weather shoes! Nowadays heat waves are very common so luckily you might use them the warmest days!


10) Jeans:

Jeans could be casual or chic depending on accessories. They can change the look of an outfit , that’s why they are so versatile. Plus, jeans seem to be pubs standard dress code!

(And why not packing as well a Bikini? Just in case you end up on a weekend trip to Barcelona!)


This 10 items are our study abroad clothing basics! Hope you find this info useful 😉

Share it with your friends and help them to pack this summer! 😀

Bon voyage!


We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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