Taking a gap year: the best decision ever!

Taking a Gap Year: The Best Decision Ever!

Yes, taking a gap year will be your best decision ever! This period is used by many students to make a temporary break between college and university. It’s definitely the ideal moment for it…with no family, job or mortgage all you need to worry about is how to make the most out of your gap year!

Don’t miss the advantages of taking a gap year below 😉

  1. Get to know yourself better during your gap year

    Some people say that to raise self-awareness you need to travel far far away…However, it isn’t really necessary to live abroad during your gap year for this. In fact, just changing the routine completely and leaving the “classroom atmosphere” you’ve been living in during your whole life will make you discover things about yourself. You may even be surprised by some of them! This will also help you choose your university degree if you’re unsure about the decision. The key here is that you will have time to think about what you would like to do for a living when you grow up 😉

    Thinking during a gap year Source: Luis Marina (www.flickr.com)

  2. Discover a hidden passion…and put it into practice!

    By taking a gap year you will be able to do all those things you always wanted to try out (but never had the time to do so), such as dancing, photographing or cooking. Who knows if one of these new activities even becomes your new career path!

    Gap year ideas Source: Mike Bean (www.flickr.com)

  3. Enjoy life and make new friends

    The real friends are those with whom you share the best experiences in life. During your gap year you will get to know not only new people, but other people with different interests and even with a surprising set of mind. One of the most exciting things of making friends abroad (if that is the case of your gap year) is to reconnect with them again after this period is over, knowing that you have a home (or at least a cozy sofa) abroad to keep on travelling in the future.

    Making new friends during gap year Source: Björn Söderqvist (www.flickr.com)

  4. Taking a gap year will foster your CV

    Did you know that living a gap year is positively valued by a growing number of managers? It is the ideal time to build transferrable and language skills, self-confidence, independence, global awareness, resilience, social engagement…Plus, there are some gap year jobs you can develop to stand out even more, specially if they are related to your future career: private language lessons, taking care of others, marketing and communication internships, participating in cultural programs, adventure travel…You can even go for gap year volunteering!

    New skills for your CV during gap year Source: Franck Michel (www.flickr.com)

  5. Build your own (gap year) story

    Regardless of your specific gap year ideas one thing is certain: you will be building your own story, a set of personal anecdotes and experiences you will never forget, to be shared with your family and friends.

    Relaxing experience

    Source: John Davis (www.flickr.com)

Are you still uncertain about taking a gap year or not? You may ask your doubts on the comments section below 🙂

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  • Ruth Kinloch

    Thanks Clara! Wonderful thoughts on taking a gap year! Completely agree, it’s a time when a person has a chance to listen to inner desires, choose the direction of the life he or she would like to have and of course understand what makes them happy, feel balanced and full-fledged. Through living by trial and error and keeping practice, we do create our own vision of future, our future. A gap year gives freedom and confidence in deeds. Having such power, one is able to fulfill any goals and dreams. Undoubtedly, that experience should be obtained!

    The idea of volunteering during the gap year is also pretty good. Knowing that you help and make somebody happy is really inspirational. And also a nice addition to the CV. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities that could fit different preferences and skills.

    • Clara from The BeTeam

      Hi, Ruth! Thank you for your comment 🙂 Nowadays it’s sometimes difficult to stop and think what you would like to do, so a gap year can help you with this (just as you’re pointing out). And if you have the chance to help others during your gap year, even better!
      Thank you for visiting our blog and for your nice comment. Best!

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