The Best Tapas Bars on a Student Budget in Granada

You might have heard that Granada is the world capital for tapas, but coming from abroad you might think …what the hell is tapas? Tapas…this mysterious food that Spanish keep talking about and they seem to love but none really knows how to explain. So well, tapas are a small dish, cold or warm, that people normally order to share. You can know become an expert in tapas by clicking here!

Why are Granada’s tapas so famous?

First of all because they are free. For each drink you order they will give you a free yummy tapa, so with 3- 4 tapas you will be completely full. If you take into account that an average tapa+ drink costs around 2€, the price of a full dinner is just amazing.  Plus, tapas have evolved into a much elaborated dish and in the case in Granada it has influences from all over the world.

tapas Granada

It sounds delicious, right? So keep reading to find the best and cheapest tapas bars in the different neighbourhoods of Granada.

Diamante (Navas 20):

This bar is well known for its typical andalucian food, serving fried fish (pescaito frito) which comes everyday from Motril, just on the coast. It is mentioned in all the guides about the best tapas in Granada, so it is totally packed from the moment it opens its doors. Despite the modern exterior, the interior gives a very traditional feeling.

Price: 1,80 €  for a drink and a tapa. This is one of the cheapest!

bar diamante

Babel World Fusion (Elvira Street):

Its name describes it perfectly. This bar brings all the flavors of the world in the shape of tapas. There is a large choice and I highly recommend tasting all of them. This is a hotspot for Erasmus students, in part because of its location in the vibrant Elvira Street.

Price: 1 drink + tapa, 2€



Om Kalsoum (Jardines 6):

the Arabic origins of the city are totally present in this bar, which serves Moroccan style tapas. Plus, it is located in the Albayzin neighbourhood, which transmits the Arabic feeling. If you like this style of food your mouth will water with shawarma, falafel, etc.

Price: 1 drink + tapa 2€

cafe Omka


Poe (Verónica de Magdalena 40):

Funnily, this tapas bar is run by an English man and his Brazilian wife. So its tapas are not the traditional ones, for instance one of the most famous is ‘Thai Curry Chicken’. It is always really packed so if you want to get a place to sit you should arrive quite early.

Price: 1 drink + tapa, 2€

Poe by Gabriel Bonino


D’cuadros (Plaza de Toros):

if you go to this bar late at night you might think that this is a school disco because of its cheesy reggaeton music. But don’t make your mind with the first impression and taste any tapa, you can’t go wrong here. If you taste the Empanada Argentina Criolla you will go mad!

Price: 1 drink + tapa, 2€

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