The Best Restaurants on a Budget in Valencia

Hey! Are you new to Spanish culinary art and the terms ‘montadito’, ‘tapa’ or ‘caña’ sound like Greek to you? Then, this is the right article for you! Follow our guide to the nice, pretty and cheap bars in Valencia and you will become an expert!

tapa+ caña

First of all, what are tapas and montaditos? In Spanish cuisine, a ‘tapa’ is basically any snack that people share. They can be cold (olives, cheese) or warm (fried baby squid, potatoes,…), the only rule is that they must be shared.

Montaditos (you might also have heard the term ‘Pintxo’) is a ‘tapa’ made of a slice of bread with a top’ping that could be anything, from fish to meat, vegetables, etc. In many places they offer the deal ‘caña’ (small beer) + ‘montadito’.


Now that you know the basics, let’s go straight to the point! Where should you eat tapas, cañas and montaditos in Valencia?

University Area

La taberna Roja (Poeta Artola 11): this is the perfect bar to have a tapas dinner since they offer ‘montadito + beer’. Furthermore, if you are still hungry, they have amazing tapas!

taberna roja

Tanto Monta (Poeta Artola, 19): This is one of the best ‘montaditos’ place in Valencia. Its montaditos have evolved into a gourmet piece of art. You must try its Jamon and Brie Cheese ‘Montadito’… so yummy!! But be careful because its nice terrace is always packed.


Taberna El Rojo(Literato Azorín, 10): One of the classical. With every beer that you order they invite you to a ‘montadito’. You can also order other amazing tapas.

El Rus (Sueca, 35): It is one of the best ‘bocadillo’ (sandwich) places in Valencia. The ones with pita bread are highly recommendable. Plus, they serve one of the best brownies I have ever tried. You should book in advance because it is always packed.

La Finestra (Vivons, 16): It is well-known for its small, tasty pizzas that are made with flour that the owner brings from Italy. Each pizza costs 2,50€, so cheap! The atmosphere of this place is quite amazing, especially when they organize concerts or someone decides to improvise with the guitar that they have for the public.

La finestra

La Andaluza (Reino de Valencia, 21): A franchise which serves traditional Spanish ‘tapas’ at very affordable prices. The franchise has more than one restaurant around Valencia and the place is always full due to its cheap prices. You can book online.


City centre

100 Montaditos: although this is a big chain, its montaditos are amazing and very varied (they have over 100), beer is cheap and the place is nice. There are many around the city, you can check in their webpage to find the closest one. Furthermore, on Wednesdays they have an offer and everything costs 1€.


La Flamenca (Salamanca 34) : like ‘Tanto Monta’, this bar has an amazing variety of ‘Montaditos’, but also huge dishes of tapas. You should book in advance because it is always full.

El Carmen

Io (Calle Alta 30) : in case you are fed up of eating Spanish tapas and ‘montaditos’, this is a fusion restaurant with a wide variety of food from all over the world. You can’t miss their Thai Curry Chicken… so yummy!


La Catalina (Calle Baja 20) : another ‘montaditos’ place although you shouldn’t miss their tablas. The place has an andalusian look that makes it very nice.

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Room in Valencia


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