The Best Tapas Bars in Seville for Students on a Budget

The ‘tapas’ tradition is a big part of the culture of Sevilla. Here, instead of sitting on a dining table, locals move from one bar to the other drinking beer and tasting different tapas going around all the different neighbourhoods.

So you know what they say… in Rome do as Romans do! Are you ready for your tapas tour?


El Marbella (Avda. Ramon y Cajal):

One of the most famous bars amongst students is ‘El Marbella’ located just in front of Law College. It is always packed with students that are eating something before or after class or even getting their drinks on before going out. It seems like El Marbella is 24 hours open!


Los 100 Montaditos:

It is a franchise with restaurants all around Spain, but don’t let the word ‘franchise’ put you off. They have a really varied menu and the food is good, so if you want to eat cheap and well this is a safe bet. Plus, on Wednesday everything in the menu costs 1€.  

100 montaditos

El Antojo (Calatrava 44):  

For those who are a bit bored of eating the same style of tapas, this place offers ‘fusion tapas’, adapting Asian cuisine to the traditional concept of tapa. If you are like me and you judge a place for its interior design you will love this place.

bar antojo-


Las columnas (La Alameda, 19):

Amazing location, right in the city centre. Its nice terrace is a hotspot in the summer nights. It is self service, so you will have to choose and pick up your food.

columnas- salir por sevilla

El Patio de San Eloy (San Eloy, 9):

It is a classic that has been serving tapas in Sevilla since 1972. Its interior design follows the South style decoration and the food is basically what a cute grandma would cook for her grandchildren. Plus the prices are affordable. 

Taberna Coloniales (Plaza Cristo de Burgos, 19):

It used to be a colonial products store until 1994 when Eugenio Garcia converted it into what it is today, one of the most typical bars of Sevilla. It is perfect to taste the traditional dishes from the South accompanied with a good Spanish wine.


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habitacion Triana


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