“The Cinema Festival” in Spain

Are you a cinema passionate? The Cinema Festival is about to arrive to Spain! Beroomers wants you to be prepared for it, so we have gathered some tips to introduce you into Spanish Cinema Culture!

The Cinema Festival

The cinema festival is starting today in most of Spanish cinemas.  Moreover, the dates have been extended until the 14th of May,  with very special prices for the tickets. You can buy them for 2,90 €,  while usually the price is around 8€.

Fiesta del cine

If you want to benefit from this discount, you should register on the following webpage: http://www.fiestadelcine.com/ and you will receive an e-mail with an identification code. You will need this code to buy the cinema tickets during these days at the discounted price. The tickets can be purchased either at the ticket offices or online.

Cinemas in Original Version

If you enjoy watching movies in its Original Version you might have realized that in Spain most films are dubbed into Spanish. Finding a cinema that plays movies in O.V. might be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But here we leave you a few ones where you can enjoy O.V.movies.

Little tip 1: in Spanish movies in O.V. are indicated as V.O. (Version Original)


Cine Verdi: Bravo de Murillo 28, you can get there by stopping in ‘Canal’ tube station.
Cine Ideal or Yelmo: located in Plaza Mayor
Cine Renoir: there are three different ones in ‘Princesa’, ‘Plaza de España’ and ‘Retiro’. Check out their webpage for more info:
Cine Doré: it is an old theatre converted into a cinema and it keeps its original charm. It specializes in classic films in original version, so don’t expect the latest movie premiere.

Cine doré 1


Yelmo Icària: Metro Ciutadella Vila Olympica (Yellow Line, L4)
Filmoteca de Catalunya: Metro Hospital Clinic(Blue Line, L5)
Ciné Melies: Metro Urgell (Red Line, L1) or Hospital Clinic (Blue Line, L5)
Renoir Cinema: Metro Les Corts (Green Line, L3)
Cinemes Girona: Metro Verdaguer (Yellow Line, L4)
Cines Verdi: Metro Fontana (Green Line, L3)

For more information about how to move around Barcelona take a look at our article “Get to know Barcelona before you go”.


Babel: it is a charming small cinema, next to the metro station of Aragon. It only has three rooms but they show a large variety of movies. You can check them in their webpage.

Yelmo: This is a large multi-cinema although not all the movies are shown in O.V. It is located in ‘Avenida Tirso de Molina’, next to the metro station Turia.

Little tip 2: All the cinemas are not included in the Cinema Festival discounts. In order to ensure that the cinema you choose benefits from the discounts you can take a look at their webpage. http://www. webpage fiestadelcine.com/.

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