Tips for eating out in Rome

Tips for eating out in Rome

Rome is one of those cities I would love to visit again. It’s so different to other places I’ve been to! The atmosphere is really nice and the monuments are awesome.

You surely know the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain…But what perhaps you don’t know is how to choose the perfect restaurant in Rome. In that case, don’t miss these tips for eating out in Rome!

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1. Choose the right restaurant

When I went to Rome, one of the things I found most difficult was choosing the right restaurant. I was completely lost looking at the labels of Ristorante, Trattoria and Osteria, and wondering what the difference between them was.

In the past, these labels classified places according to their type of cuisine and price. Ristorante was the most expensive and had a wider menu, whilst Trattoria offered homemade food. An Osteria was similar to a bar. Nowadays, the differences between them have been blurred, so it’s a good idea to look at the menu before deciding where to eat.

A tip which I believe is really useful, is to avoid restaurants with more tourists than locals. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against tourists! But you will always get a closer experience of living as an Italian if you follow this tip for eating at restaurants in Rome. And, of course, locals know better which places have the best quality and price.

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2. Avoid restaurants near tourist attractions

When I went to Italy, I spent too much money eating out, as I ate always close to tourist attractions. But this doesn’t have to necessarily happen to you! I know that it’s tempting to drink coffee whilst looking at the Colosseum, but maybe it isn’t worth it. My piece of advice is that you always check out the price before deciding if you want to live the experience or not.

Remember that you can always buy a coffee to go some meters away and then go back to Piazza Navona and sit down on a bench and save some euros.

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3. Know the exchange rate

If the euro is not your usual currency, be sure to know what the exchange rate with your currency is. Then, you can easily calculate if you want to spend that amount of money on the menu or not. Of course, it’s best to have some flexibility in this matter, as you are in another country and not everything is comparable.

4. Adapt to the local timetable

If you are planning on eating out in Rome, you should know that the times when it is possible to eat are quite different. Restaurants usually open for lunch at 12pm and for dinner at 7pm, although Italians normally have lunch and dinner about two hours later.

Once you get used to this timetable it will help you to take part in Rome’s incredible nightlife. Don’t miss it!

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5. Negotiate the price of the menu or servizio

In some restaurants it’s possible to negotiate the price of the menu or the servizio,which is the part of the bill that covers the cost of the serving staff.

To negotiate the price, just stop in front of a restaurant to read the menu. If the waiter asks you if you want to come in, say “no” politely and start to walk away. In that moment, it’s quite likely that he will start to negotiate with you the price of the menu or the servizio!

Tips for eating out in Rome


6. Relax and enjoy: the last of tips for eating out in Rome

Mealtime is a very important time for Italians. Forget about eating in a hurry, as they like to talk during and after the meal. If you want to leave the restaurant just after having lunch, don’t worry. Of course you aren’t forced to stay if you want to carry on visiting this amazing city. But why don’t you use this time to relax and enjoy? Live the Mediterranean experience!


Have you been in Rome and want to add any tip to our list? Is there something missing you would like to know? Feel free to ask or comment below!

If you’re planning to live there, we recommend you to check out these accommodation options in Rome. So you can find your home in this beautiful city.

And remember, if you want to return to Rome you just need to toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain…

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