Tips for Foreign Students in Madrid

So you have gotten onto an Erasmus in Madrid… soon you are going to have to pack your bags, print of your airplane and make your way to the capital of the peninsula. Madrid. A vibrant city. A city well known for its cultural scene, museums, night life, restaurants and art. One of the centers of the world. The heartbeat of Spain beats through the streets of Madrid. A diverse  city.

Like we say in Spain…de Madrid al cielo! So how should you go about becoming a Madrileño….

Get to Know Madrid Like the Back of Your Hand

Probably before you have time to explore Madrid you will have to take one of the most difficult decisions of your time abroad… where should I live? that’s a tough one, but do not worry my dear! You just need to read our guide to Madrid’s neighbourhoods . Then get a public transport card and a phone with Google Maps and you are ready to explore the city!

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Add Madrid to your Social Networks

A great way to discover Madrid is to follow some of the locals on Instagram. It will help you see the city from a different perspective and discover some of its secret corners.

If you love Madrid’s architecture, you should follow @madridseduce, @nakedmadrid and @secretosdemadrid. If you are a real foodie and you can’t stop thinking about amazing food, you should join @maddelikatessen and @madreatmarket.



Improve Your Language Skills

Sticking to people from your own country and speaking your own language is often the easiest option. But making the effort to speak the language of the country you are in, although harder, is very rewarding. This will probably be the only opportunity that you will have to be completely immersed in a foreign country, culture and language. Plus, speaking the local language will allow you to understand the culture better, mingle with the locals and get into funny situations. If you are not cheeky enough to start speaking to everybody that you come across, you can go to language exchanges. The webpage organizes meetings in bars to practice different languages and if you want to practice one- to- one you can check out


Get Involved in Your University

Learn what is going on and take part in your university activities. It is a great way to make friends that share your interests and learn about the Madrid’s university culture. For instance, is a student network that puts in contact students with their own university and companies. So you can learn about other student experiences and communicate through the live chat. Plus, once you have registered you will be able to create your  professional profile that will help you to find an internship or job.


Travel around Madrid

We get it…Madrid is a cool city and clubbing is awesome, but try to not be hung-over every weekend so you can travel around! Take advantage of the fact that you are living in the centre of Spain so it is pretty easy to travel around. You are just one hour away by train from some beautiful places such as ‘El Escorial’ where Spanish royalty used to live in the 16th century and Aranjuez, where they moved when they got bored of ‘El Escorial’. Not too bad the kings’ life, right?


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