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Tips for Living Abroad by Expat Life in Düsseldorf!

Are you planning to live abroad? The blogger behind Expat Life in Düsseldorf tells us her own experience  moving to Germany, what she found the most challenging and what she enjoyed the most. If you’re looking for some tips for living abroad, you’ll find these really useful!

1. Why did you decide to start writing “Expat life in Düsseldorf”?

Before moving to Düsseldorf someone asked me to write a blog, to tell my friends and family about my life here in Germany. After a few months here I realized I could help other people who were thinking about coming to Germany, so I decided to keep writing posts.

 2. Why did you choose Germany as your destination?

I found a job offer for a Spanish company in Germany so I decided to apply. I wanted to improve my German, to see different things and to gain more international work experience. I got the job, not in the city where I applied for, but in another one. However, I think I am very lucky because the area where I live in (NRW) is a really nice region.

Making friends in Dusseldorf3. What type of accommodation did you choose while working abroad? How was your experience?

 Shared flats are always my first option when I move abroad. I find it a good chance to meet new people who can show me the city and introduce me to other people. Furthermore, it is always nice to arrive home and to organize a dinner with your roommates or to plan some trip with them for the weekend.  I always had good experiences, in fact, most of my ex roommates are still my friends and we try to visit each other everytime we can.
Tips for living in Düsseldorf

4. What are the biggest challenges you have faced while living in Germany?

 The biggest challenge for me was to improve my German knowledge. German is not an easy language, but Germans are really grateful when a foreigner speaks it. So, since my first day here I kept learning German until I got a good level. Another huge challenge was to find a flat. Here in Germany most of the population rent appartments and  young people live in shared flats since they start university, so competition is really high.

5. What advice will you give someone who is going to study abroad for the first time?

 I would recommend this person to enjoy the experience. As an ex-Erasmus I understand the impact that an experience abroad causes in someone’s life. It is a unique opportunity to discover a new country, to travel, to meet interesting people and to learn from them.
However, I recommend to look for information about the country before moving. To contact expats or Erasmus organizations, to read blogs from people who are already living abroad and to take part in online forums are really helpful tools. I found them a good way to understand the country  you are moving to.
Friends meeting in Germany

Have you lived abroad? What advice would you give to a newcomer? Feel free to leave our readers a comment below!

We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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