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The Tips for Living Alone I Would Have Liked to Know

Is living alone a brand new experience for you? These are the tips for living alone I would have liked to know from day 1. The different house activities made easy!

Doing the Laundry & Ironing in Your New Housing

Doing the laundry and ironing your clothes can be one of the most exasperating house activities ever! Of course, technology (the washing machine) has helped us a lot with it, but still the feeling that everything will get dirty and wrinkled again, just when you’re finished with it, can make you sigh.
Since I started to do this for myself, I began to shop differently. One of the good tips for living alone is that you discard clothes which are too-difficult-to-iron (either by their pattern or cloth material). If you hate ironing as much as I do, it helps a lot if you hang out as soon as the washing cycle finishes and shake your clothes firmly before.

Doing the laundry when living alone
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For those moments when you are not in the mood or have a mountain of clothes staring at you, a good option is to use dry cleaning and laundry door to door services like Mr Jeff. It is that sort of thing that, if it did not exist, it would have to be invented!

Tips for Living Alone & Filling the Pantry

When I first started to live alone, I found out that filling the pantry with the exact ingredients and quantities was not that easy. I ended up throwing a lot of food in the bin, just because it was spoiled before I could eat it!
What has worked for me is to do my groceries once a week and (in this order): I plan the menu for the whole week, I write down the ingredients I will need (after making a small inventory of what’s in my fridge and pantry) and I go to the supermarket with list and pen in hand. Scheduling will help you to save money and time! No more visits to the supermarket, running on Wednesdays to save your pantry of looking like a desert.
And if you really don’t want to set foot in anything which looks like a food store, the option of buying online is just great! However, if I were new to a country I would go there several times, just to know what kind of ingredients are popular and available there!

Groceries organization and list
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Will You Love Cooking?

If you’re struggling with what to cook, I recommend you these 101 student survival recipes or this list of 52 quick healthy meals. Yes, pre-cooked can save you the day, but when it becomes a habit you will start to miss homemade food. It is even relaxing to cook your dinner after a long day at work or university. There are no limits: enjoy, explore, create!

Easy cooking
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If your housing is a shared apartment you have two options. You can agree on what to cook (and therefore, what food to buy), or you can divide the shelves of your pantry.
And after all that effort with your apron on…the second part of the story…leaving it all as you found it! This can be one of the main trouble spots between roommates, but it always helps to talk about how cleaning the kitchen will be tidied up, before you even start cooking!
When living completely alone, you know that no one will clean for you, so you will start to use less dishes and cups. There goes my personal motto: “The less that gets dirty, the less it needs to be cleaned!”

Living Alone Tips for Cleaning

And last, but not least…cleaning the rest of the house! One of the useful tips for living alone in this section is to try to maintain things as clean and tidy as possible. It’s always easier to do a bit everyday and to clean over something which is more or less OK. If you’re asking yourself: why should I clean, if no one is going to see this? Well, an appropriate environment will help you focus and achieve your life goals!
Is there any other tip you would like to add? Please share it in our comments section!

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