Tips on living & finding housing in Germany by The World Passenger!

The World Passenger is an Italian blogger, who decided 2 years ago to live an exciting experience abroad! Do you want to know what he has learned since then? Don’t miss the following tips on living and finding housing in Germany (including how to learn the language, of course!)

1. What could we expect to find in The World Passenger and why did you decide to start this blog?

The main reason why I started with the blog was helping Italians willing to move to Germany by giving a few tips based on my experience. From very basic things like finding a housing or what to do on sundays, to advices on local traditions, events, culture. At the same time I love both travelling and learning languages. That’s why on The World Passenger you’ll find a lot of posts related to these topics, that perfectly fit with living abroad. As a matter of fact I believe that living in another country increases a lot your chances to travel, explore your new home and the surroundings. Everything is going to be so new and it is easy to move around. On the other hand – no matter if you plan to stay in a certain country just for a while or if you want to settle down permanently – learning a language is crucial if you want to integrate yourself with the locals.

Tips on finding housing in Germany

2. Where are you from and why did you move to Germany?

I am Italian, I was born and I grew up in Busto Arsizio, about 30km from Milan. Soon after my degree in engineering, while I was working in Milan, I realized that an experience abroad was really what I was looking for and I started to look around. I applied from Italy and after a couple of interviews I got the job in Germany. The country was not really important, it happened to be Germany and here I am now, very happy of the decision I took 2 years ago.

3. What type of housing in Germany did you choose at first? How was your experience?

I have to say I have been lucky with the accomodation since the company provided me with a flat close to the office from day one. I absolutely had no stress but it is not so common. Later on I took the decision to move to another apartment closer to the city center in Düsseldorf. It was not easy to find it and I had to do about 4-5 interviews before finally succeeding. Now I have 2 German roommates and this is really helping me a lot with the language (I spoke no German before moving to the country).

Housing in Germany tips

4. What advice would you give to someone who is going to live to Germany for the first time?

If you don’t speak German try to learn it as fast as you can. We are all tired after work but it really pays out the effort both on your job and by giving you extra possibilities if you’d like to look for another company within the country in the future. Many companies are keen to pay you German classes, so feel free to ask your boss. I also give a lot of advices on how to learn languages smarter on my blog (at the moment just for Italian language speakers). I know the language is not the easiest, don’t give up and remember: have a great time!

Tips on living in Germany

We invite you to leave any questions or comments you may have below. You may also share your experience on finding housing in Germany if that may be the case 🙂

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