Day trips from Barcelona

Top 6 Day Trips from Barcelona

These top 6 day trips from Barcelona are perfect to run away from the bustle. Yes, the city has a lot to offer, but our advice is that you explore beyond its boundaries. These are some of the hidden gems you will find!

  1. The Abbey of Santa Maria de Montserrat

    If you’re living in Barcelona, the Abbey of Santa Maria de Montserrat is a must see! Built with rocks and located on high mountains only 1 hour away from the city of Barcelona, they offer a magnificent view and are a relaxing stop for your year abroad. This monestir has become an icon and is popular within national and international tourists alike. My favourite option is to drive to the base of the mountain and then climb to the top by cable car…so nice! You can also catch the cogwheel train or do some trekking whilst you breath fresh air.

    Day trips from Barcelona: The Abbey of Montserrat

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    And these are the route directions to get there!

  2. Day trips from Barcelona: Port Aventura

    From a relaxing plan amongst Nature to an exciting trip to the amusement park of Port Aventura! Some of the rides here are for very brave people only (I was not able to try all of them out some years ago). Although the normal ticket is quite expensive, it’s not so difficult to find group discounts. Just a piece of advice for one of the best day trips from Barcelona: if you’re not used to high temperatures, bear in mind that the sun beats down here! Luckily, the aquatic rides are awesome and the perfect excuse to cool down. Wake up early, drive an hour and a half (or take the regional train) and shout: “Port Aventura, here we go!”

    Port Aventura

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    And these are the route directions to get there!

  3. Sunbathe in Sitges

    Pick the sandy beach to sunbathe in the seaside town of Sitges! Promenade on the seafront, lie on the beach lounger, sip a cocktail…Sometimes having a great time is simply a matter of choosing the right place to be. The city center is also worth seeing. However, don’t be too harsh with yourself if you stay glued to the beach (it could happen to anyone, couldn’t it?). And it’s only a 45 minutes drive from Barcelona.

    Sitges for Barcelona day trippers

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    And these are the route directions to get there!

  4. Discover Ancient Rome in Tarragona

    Are you a lover of ancient Roman culture? Tarragona is another coastal city near Barcelona, about an hour away by car or train. Its amphitheatre dates back to the 1st century and offers incredible views of the beach. Low buildings in the city centre and narrow streets configure the Mediterranean pattern of Tarragona. This day trip from Barcelona will catch your eye.

    Barcelona trips

    The Roman Amphitheatre in Tarragona. Source: SBA73 (

    And these are the route directions to get there!

  5. Magic day trip in Serra de Collserola

    The mountains of Collserola are the perfect retreat to run away from the bustle in Barcelona. Did you know that within its boundaries lies the largest metropolitan park in the world? Tibidabo, the tallest peak in this mountain range, is the location of a very peculiar amusement park. It’s modest in size, but has a magical traditional atmosphere which is difficult to surpass. And it’s only 45 minutes away from the city centre!

    Day trips from Barcelona

    Tibidabo Amusement Park. Source: Andoni Beristain (

    And these are the route directions to get there!

  6. Charming Besalú

    If you’re inspired by rural tourism, don’t miss the small charming village of Besalú, which is located one hour and a half north from Barcelona. One of those day trips from Barcelona that will be hard to forget! The river skirts its stone built houses and its ancient wall from the XII-XIV centuries. A legacy of history awaits the intrepid traveller!

    Day trips from Barcelona

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    And these are the route directions to get there!

Is there any other day trip from Barcelona you would like to add? Have you visit these cities? Leave your comment below to help other day trippers!

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