Day trips from Valencia

Top 7 Day Trips from Valencia

If you’re studying in Valencia, there are 7 day trips from Valencia you will fall in love with. To visit them you will need to drive maximum 1 hour from the city centre. In some cases you may even go by train! Don’t miss the opportunity to know this land better during your stay or Erasmus in Valencia. Check the different destinations and the route directions to get there!

Royal Monastery of Santa María del Puig

This incredible monastery is located on top of a low hill, and is just 30 minutes away by car from Valencia. Its construction was ordered by King James I the Conqueror after winning a very important battle. Nowadays, it’s a popular place for tourists and locals alike, where weddings and other religious events take place. The ticket is only 4 euros, so it’s a perfect day trip from Valencia for your student budget!

Monastery of El Puig


And these are the route directions to get there!

L’Albufera-El Saler

The most special area near Valencia is definitely the zone including the L’Albufera lake, the Dehesa Woods, the rice fields and the coastal villages of El Perellonet, El Perelló and El Saler. Despite being popular amongst tourists, the area has managed to retain its original charm and is still a place where fishermen live. It’s only 40 minutes away from the city centre, so it’s one of the most perfect day trips from Valencia you can try.
Things to do here: take a boat trip on the lake, stroll along the seafront, taste authentic Valencian paella in one of its restaurants (we particularly recommend La Matandeta or El Blayet) and have a picnic on Dehesa Woods. And swim in the beach!

What to visit nearby Valencia

L’Albufera. Source: David Talens (

La Matandeta Restaurant (Albufera)

La Matandeta Restaurant. Source:

And these are the route directions to get there!


Xátiva is one of those towns around Valencia which has its own personality. It’s well-known for its castle and its steep slopes (and for its high temperatures in summer!) Be prepared to do some good exercise during your visit! The castle has amazing views, so don’t miss them. Of course, there’s much more to see in Xativa: the black cave of Cova Negra, the gardens Jardín del Beso, the Royal Convent of St. Claire…Spending a day out here is a really nice experience, as this city preserves an important artistic heritage. You may get there by train (50 min.) or car (50 min. too).

Trips from Valencia: Xàtiva

Source: Jorge Sanz (

And these are the route directions to get there!

The Castle of Sagunto & its city

And from one castle…to the next, in one of the most amazing day trips from Valencia. Sagunto city is only half an hour away by car from Valencia, or if you rather use the public transport you may get there by train (40 min.). Did you know that in summer there are outdoor concerts going on in the roman theatre inside the castle’s walls?
A very popular plan is to go out for dinner, and then attend one of the activities during the Summer Festival “Sagunt a Escena”. In fact, it’s not so easy to buy tickets due to high demand!
The city itself is definitely worth seeing. And if you would also like to go to the beach as well, head to Puerto de Sagunto nearby and take a dip!

Day trips from Valencia: Sagunto

Source: Santiago López Pastor (

Day out in the beach of Sagunto

Source: Peter Bjork (

And these are the route directions to get there!


We couldn’t talk about day trips from Valencia without mentioning the charming village of Segorbe, one of the finest towns in the province of Castellón. 50 minutes away by car and you’ll see things like these:

Day trips from Valencia: Segorbe

Source: Sento (

Day out in Segorbe

Source: Daurmith (

Don’t miss the ruins of the Castle-Alcazar…The narrow winding streets of Segorbe, its cathedral, aqueduct, churches and towers will make you feel as if you had gone back to Medieval Times.

And these are the route directions to get there!

Bejís & Jérica

Drive 20 minutes on the same road and you will reach Jérica and Bejís. This is a highly recommended day trip from Valencia. In spite of being very small towns (Bejís has less than 500 inhabitants and Jérica about 1.500), if you’ve decided to see Segorbe it’s always a good idea to stop here as well and enjoy the views. Bejís is also known for its fresh clear water, so don’t forget to take a sip from its fountains.

Day trip to Jérica

Jérica. Source:

Valencia day trips: Bejís


And these are the route directions to get there!


Are you passionate about wine? Requena is just an hour away by car and is the perfect place around for wine and cava tasting. There’s even a Wine Route in the area, including the wine cellars of Torre Oria and Hoya de Cadenas. This city is also famous for its delicious inlay…mouth-watering! We also recommend you to try their patatas bravas (spicy potatoes), as they use a slightly different recipe which makes them unique.

Day trip from Valencia: Requena


And these are the route directions to get there!

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