What to do in Valencia for free

Top 7 Free Things To Do in Valencia

The unique location of Valencia, along with its historical city centre and wide cultural offer, makes it a very special city, where it’s really easy to find free things to do in Valencia. On this list we have gathered up our top 7. Enjoy each and every activity!

  1. Sunbathe on the beach

    The eastern boundary of the city is Malvarrosa beach, where locals like to sunbathe and promenade along the seafront. The lines 4 and 6 of the tram will get you there in a short ride! It’s really nice to spend the whole day here, you can even choose one of the several restaurants to taste paella, the traditional dish. If you want to do as a local, have it for lunch (not for dinner) and preferably on a Sunday. Our advice is that you visit the beach during the week, when it’s less crowded.

    Free things to do in Valencia: the beach

    Malvarrosa beach. Source: Kent Wang (www.flickr.com)

  2. Do sport in Turia Gardens – El Río

    The Turia Gardens are located on the old riverbed of Valencia. After the flood in 1957, locals decided to divert the river outside the city, so the space left by the water was given a different use. Nowadays, this band dividing the city is busy with people doing sports, picnicking, skating, cycling…and even some foreigners sunbathing! The perfect space for some of the best free things to do in Valencia.

    What to do in Valencia: sports in Turia Gardens

    Turia Gardens. Source: Heather Cowper (www.flickr.com)

  3. Visit free admission museums in Valencia

    For a cultural day out, don’t miss some of the museums in Valencia with free admission:

    • The Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia is located next to the old riverbed, taking up the space of a magnificent building which is crowned by a blue ceramic dome.
    • Showing a different perspective of history you may find the Ethnology Museum (free during the weekend) and the Museum of History (go there on Sunday or bank holidays to discover it on a student’s budget!).
    • The Fallas Museum, where you can learn everything about the local feast, has also free admission during these special days.
    • The MUVIM (the Valencian Museum for Enlightenment and Modernity) is free for students any day of the week.
    • The IVAM shows modernist artwork and is also free on sundays.

    Free admission museums in Valencia

    Museum of FIne Arts of Valencia. Source: Vincent Desjardins (www.flickr.com)

  4. Get lost in Ciutat Vella (The Old City)

    This is the perfect free thing to do in Valencia over and over again, as there is so much to discover in the narrow meandering streets of the Old City.

    Wicher store in Valencia

    Ciutat Vella. Source: www.valenciaculture.com

  5. Relax in La Albufera

    The next item on this list of free things to do in Valencia is to relax in La Albufera! It is a freshwater lagoon with a surface area of more than 20,000 hectares located only 11km from the city of Valencia. It’s a common place for fishing, bird watching, boating and -above all- growing the rice.

    Albufera (Valencia)

    Albufera. Source: Toni Rodrigo (www.flickr.com)

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