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Hi there! I’m Jenni and I blog over at The Beautiful Fool. On my blog I write about life as a college student, offer what I think are some helpful tips for life as a college student, and talk about fashion trends and books I’m loving. I’m currently a junior in college and major in Business Cinematic Arts.  This upcoming fall semester I will be studying abroad in Germany and I’m counting down the days until I leave.

As I get ready for my semester abroad I’ve been figuring out how I want to document my experience so I can remember it for years to come. Obviously one huge way I plan to do that is by taking way too many pictures. The only issue with that is my photography skills are extremely lacking and if I am going to make people jealous of my semester through pictures that is going to have to change.  I decided to do some research on how to take the best travel pictures and in this post I’m going to share my favorites.


#1 Embrace the fact that you’re a tourist

 To start off, you’re going to have to get over not wanting to look like a tourist to get great pictures. As soon as you start taking pictures or the place you’re at, your going to look like a tourist since you rarely see locals walking around there city taking a picture of a pretty street sign. Once you embrace your tourist status though you’ll feel a lot better of taking any chance you get to take pictures.


#2 Snap 10 Times and Delete 9

 The great thing about digital cameras and phones is that you can take a ton of photos and you aren’t wasting anything by deleting all of the bad ones. When your abroad you will only have one chance to get pictures of most of the things so don’t just take one because if it comes out blurry or something then your out of luck. So take 3 or 10 and then when you have some down time you can go through all the similar ones and choose your favorite.


#3 Download iPhone Editing Apps

 The ones that I’ve heard are the best are VSCO, Afterlight, and Snapseed. Personally I use VSCO and find that it has a good amount of editing options to make my photos look 100x better.  A feature of VSCO that most people don’t, know about is that if you use the camera in the app you are able to adjust focus and exposure at the same time while in the normal iPhone camera you can only do one.


#4 Take Pictures of all Parts of Your Trip

While you should definitely focus on taking pictures of the big things like the Eiffel tower or all of the museums you visit, don’t forget to take pictures of what may seem like the small things like your group that went out to dinner one night or at the grocery store. It will be nice to look back at your entire experience and some of your best memories may seem like the small things at the time.

Take Pictures of Whole Trip

#5 Shoot a Collection

Choose one thing that you are going to make your goal to get the most pictures of. For example, you could decide on street signs and take pictures of unique street signs in all of the countries you visit and then when you’re done you could make a collage or even a photo book of them. Some other ideas you can focus on for your collection are doors, cups, food, or from where I stand where you take pictures of your shoes and unique floors.

#6 Make Sure to Put Your Camera Away Sometimes

Last, but not least, make sure to put your camera away and enjoy the moment. Sometimes we get so focused on documenting the trip that we forget to enjoy the moment and make actual memories. Instead of actually being present at the Berlin Wall you are so focused on getting the perfect shot that your only memory from it are the pictures and not that funny thing that happened to one of your friends there.

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