Top Tips to Save Money while Recycling

Hey there! I am sure you would agree with me on the importance of being eco-friendly, but sometimes in our everyday life we can’t be bothered and we forget about it. Well, what if I would tell you that recycling would help you to save money every month?

To commemorate World Environment Day on the 5th of June, we have wrote an article to reflect about all those little details that could help us to reduce carbon footprint emissions, while saving money.Check this article to know the best tips!

World env. day

Reuse your clothes:

We all have clothes that we haven’t wear in years and although we keep telling to ourselves that we will find the perfect moment to look amazing with the T-shirt that your best friend gave you for your 12th birthday, let’s be realistic… that is not going to happen!

So, why not to give another life to your old clothes and become a hipster?

crop top 2



Forget about using paper

Paper? That is so 90’s! Jocks aside, the environmental effects of paper consumption are huge, deforestation, water and air pollution are just some of the consequences from its over use. In today’s digital world, we have tablets, laptops and electronic books that can substitute the paper. So unless it is completely necessary, avoid printing!

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Reuse containers

Why would you buy a new vase if you have plenty of glass bottles at home that could convert into it? The glass jar collection that you have been putting on the side for years can now become a pretty collection of vases with the DIY idea:

DIY jars


Save energy by:

Turn off the light …NOW! That is what my dad used to shout me every day when I was living at home. Now that I am living on my own and I pay my own light bills I realize where his desperation came from. Light bills are so expensive!

Well, saving money is as easy as changing your bulb for a CFL bulb. Although they are more expensive up front, they use a quarter of the energy and they last up to 10 times longer. For more information click here.

You can also save energy (and money) in your laundry everyday by not using warm water, because 90% of the energy spent comes from heating the water. Also, instead of using the drying machine, line- dry your clothes outside.


Avoid spending petrol

Move your ass, is not only good for your economy, it is also good for the environment. Whether you choose to ride your bike or to walk from one place to the other, they are both great choices.

If you have to cover a long distance, you can use carpool apps such as Blablacar or Amovens to fill all the seats in the car. That way you can break- even in your petrol expense and reduce carbon footprint. Long- life to collaborative economy!

Bla bla car


Shopping on second hand stores 

One of the best ways to diminish carbon footprint is to reduce consumption of new products. Plus, nowadays there are many shops that sell cheap and cool second hand stuff. You can have a look at our guides for vintage stores in Madrid and Valencia. We will understand if you buy new underwear, though!


Via Meublé 

Save water:

Even though it sounds like a cliché, there are little actions in your everyday life that can help you to save water and at the same time save some money…. And no, I am not talking about not taking showers at all!

Start by taking shorter showers, fixing that dripping tap and closing the water tap when you are not in the toilet. You can also install a low flow shower.

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