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TRANSPORT: As you reach a new city, how to move about is always one of the first questions. Knowing exactly what options there are and what the fares are like can make your life a lot easier, saving you money & time! Valencia has several transport options such as the tube or metro, the bus, the public bicycle service (also known as Valenbici) or a taxi, so it all depends on where you are and where you’re planning to go. Plus, distances aren’t that long and the weather is really pleasant in Valencia, so strolls are also an option.
Tariffs and Information of these different transport options are detailed in the links included:

Metro Area Map: http://www.metrovalencia.es/descargas/pdf/Entorno%20Urbano_2013.pdf
(Getting around on MetroValencia à Downloads à Urban Area Map).
Metro Fares: http://www.metrovalencia.es/descargas/pdf/Tarifas_Metrovalencia.pdf
One way tickets cost 1.50€. You also have the option of buying the Metro Card (Bono Metro) which costs 7.20€ and has 10 trips only for the Metro and is rechargeable.

2. BUS
Just like the metro, the bus service also has a 10 trips card “Bonobus Plus”, valid only to use with any bus line (EMT network). With each journey you can change from a bus line to another as many times as you want within 1 hour. The price of this rechargeable card is of 8.00€ and you can buy it at any newsagent (corner stores), OpenCor stores and at the Customer Support Offices of the EMT. You can also recharge the card online at www.emtvalencia.es.

If you want to use both the Metro & Bus service, the best option would be the Metro & Bus Card (Bono Transbordo) which costs 9.00€ and has 10 trips for Metro & Bus Services. This card is also rechargeable and allows you with one ticket to change from the metro lines to the bus as many times as you want in an hour.
There’s one more option for those who really see themselves using the public transport very often (more than twice a day). In this case, you have the option of getting a monthly pass (30 days from the moment you validate it) called “Abono Transporte”. This pass costs 43.70€/month, and enables you to use the bus, tram and metro service as many times as you want in a month.
You can find more information on these cards and tariffs at: http://www.emtvalencia.es/ciudadano/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=621&Itemid=66&lang=es#3
Note: When you get your Metro/Metro & Bus Card, you’ll have to pay 1€ extra if you want it in cardboard, or 2€ if you want it in plastic. Plastic one lasts longer. That will be the card you’ll keep recharging whenever needed, so make sure you don’t throw it away.

This has become one of the most popular transport options in Valencia, as it is cheap, healthy and fun. Plus, climate in Valencia is such that bicycle strolls are always welcome!!!
You’ll find these Valenbisi stops all around the city. At each of them you’ll have a pole where you can get your card. Two options are available:
a. Weekly pass: It allows you to use the ValenBisi as much as you want for a week and costs 12.78€
b. Annual pass: This is a better option for students as it lasts 1 year and costs 26.07€.

All you need to know is that the first 30 minutes are free. After that, for the first extra half an hour you’ll pay 0.52€ for the additional 30 minutes, and after that 2.08€ for every extra hour. The best solution is to keep the bike, and take it out again every 30 minutes, for your 30 free minutes to start counting again J We’re including a link with additional information and a map with the stations so that it’s always easy for you to keep track:

TARIFFS: http://www.valenbisi.es/Abonate/Abono-de-larga-duracion/Una-inscripcion-economica-y-practica

MAP: http://www.valenbisi.es/Funcionamiento/Puntos-de-recogida-y-entrega (you have to download the pdf file “Plano de Estaciones Valenbisi”.

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