What is like to live in San Francisco?

From Málaga to San Francisco and back…

They say “The world is your oyster” which means the world is ours to enjoy!

We have met a girl who embodies this quote and wanted to share with us her experience living abroad around the world. This girl from Málaga started her adventure studying in San Francisco (California), then moved to wild México and finally came back home and founded her own company.

Can’t wait to discover what she wants to share with us? Keep reading!


1) Who is Espe Olea? 

I am a journalist, I love traveling and sweets. After trying several communication roles and my international experience living abroad I decided to look for a job which could be done that can be done from anywhere in the world. One where I could feel free as a bird. I did not find that on a traditional company, so that is why I founded my own company two years ago. ( )

Súper Tú Logo

2) How come you end up studying in California and why did you choose California?How old were you by then?

I went to San Francisco when I was 22 years old . I had finished my degree in Journalism in Madrid by then, had been living abroad for 5 years and wanted to know the world.

Apart from Communication I also love marketing and I knew it was born in the USA so it seemed a great idea to go there. Within the USA, the Masters’ Degrees I liked the most and that were more within my reach were taught in Boston and California ( as the movie)

Finally, because I am from Málaga (located in the south of Spain), I decided that California, San Francisco,  would be the most ideal destination. I was not wrong at all but certainly would have enjoyed Boston also!

Espe Olea in San Francisco with a friend

3) What shocked you the most once you arrived to San Francisco? 

The educational method in Berkeley fascinated me. 100% practical , with individual and group work , oral presentations…  Its topics and dynamics had both a very original approach. In USA they teach students to be entrepreneurs , not employees. It is no coincidence that 40 % of American students start their own business right after university.

American universities do a great job providing them confidence on themselves while they teach them an incredible practical base. It was certainly a great experience!

4) Was it difficult to adapt to USA? How did you find where to live?

Well, it was hard to adapt to an English speaking country, although in Berkeley they asked for a very high level to enter university , it had nothing to do with the English spoken in the streets.My advice to whoever wants to learn English is to leave Spain and learn English abroad. Learning English in Spain, in an academy, is almost impossible or at least unreal.

Finding a flat was not easy either. I went to a student hall in Berkeley first and in the second term I moved to a flat in downtown SFO.  San Francisco has skyrocketing rents but living in the heart of this great city was worth it. A friend who had spent years living in the city recommend us where to live and we found an apartment right next to Union Square where we lived three friends and paid $ 1,200/each per month . It was crazy!

But as I said it was worth it, experiencing the vibe of the city was amazing.

5) What advice would you give to someone who is going to share a flat abroad?

Choose your roomies wisely and put cleanup rules (this is the kryptonite of sharing a flat)

6) What is the thing you remember the most from your California student experience?

I recall the weekends full of new plans, the joy of waking up knowing that I was living in SF, the incense aroma of The High, the views of the city from Sausalito, the incredible master classes that left me with the mouth wide open, the tiny terraces touched by sunbeams, the American accent, the cinnamon flavour that they use in everything… I love San Francisco!

San Francisco Bridge Girls

7) Would you recommend studying abroad at least for a while?

Definitely, studying abroad is not only a great opportunity to meet new people and other culture but it is also an opportunity to test yourself, to discover your limits, to grow and be whoever you want to be. It is such a worthwhile experience!

8) Would you say that studying abroad and working abroad for a while in México has changed yourself or the way you see the world? how?

100% True. Studying abroad helped me to focus myself and discover what I wanted to do professionally speaking. Plus I also discovered myself. Working in México DF helped me understand how lucky we are those who are born in Europe, how racist we are sometimes and the huge need that exists of travelling abroad and discover how much you have yet to do/try and how much you can help.

9) Nowadays you live in Málaga, your hometown, how come you decide to return and build your own company?

I moved back to Málaga after 9 years living abroad in the mood for sun, family and beach mode. The worst part of living abroad is that everything in your home town continues changing and you missed it: your parents grow, your sisters had sons, your friends get married… There comes a point where you want to go back to your origins. That does not mean I am not in the mood of packing again so that is why I founded Súper Tú because what I wanted is to do what I like without boundaries, schedules, offices… I think a job must be well done because you are passionate about it, this motto helped me to create Súper Tú.

10) What advice would you give a younger you?

What a good question! I would say to be patient. In life everything changes and it has no importance at all. Sometimes we strive to hang on things to feel safe and in reality what you should hang on is to yourself and your own happiness. Once you do it the remaining things unfold for you (easily.)

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