What to Know about Madrid Before You Study Abroad

Students (Madrid Neighbourhoods) Guide:

Do you know where to live once you move abroad? It is pretty easy to feel a little bit lost about where to live when you do not know the city enough yet.

Madrid is made up of over 128 different neighbourhoods and although is a very well connected city I firstly recommend you to have a look at where are you going to study. Before this you will see more clearly which neighbourhood suits you best.

In this post we are going to divide Madrid in three main areas which are interesting for students. Ones are must see neighbourhoods and the others are a selection of affordable neighbourhoods that are not far from the first ones.

  1. Madrid´s Heart
  2. Ciudad Universitaria – University City
  3. Classy Madrid Ibiza, Estrella, Alcalá, Prosperidad


Latina – Fuencarral – Malasaña – Chueca

Madrid´s heart is composed by Latina, Malasaña and Chueca (in terms of preferred neighbourhoods by students).

– Fuencarral is one of the main streetsin Madrid´s historic centre. This pedestrian street connects Gran Vía with the nocturne and alternative Malasaña. It is known for its wide range of unique stores and the diversity of its people. If you happen to find a beautiful flat/room in this area which is not very expensive you have found a treasure! Luckily we have some rooms in fuencarral for you in this street!

Malasaña is like the Madrid´s Soho. The perfect neighbourhood for the alternatives minds who love to be in the middle of everything should it be alternative art or music, party or the city itself.

(Source: Decoupage :: Living in Malasaña (Madrid) from Kelly and April Crull on Vimeo. )

If you want to live like a boss in Malasaña without renting a tiny/old expensive flat we would recommend you to book a room in one of its wonderful Malasaña Student Dorms/Halls:


Latina is a famous old-city neighbourhood in Madrid. It is famous for “la Cava Baja” street where you could find the best “Tapas” and its Sunday Market (called “El Rastro de Madrid”). It is also one of the key nightlife areas. (Are you ready to enjoy la latina lifestyle? check our available rooms here.)


Recommended areas nearby Madrid´s heart:

Atocha/Delicias is a great Neighbourhood for Students because you could find cheap flats, it is next to Madrid Center and it is also very well communicated (thanks to Atocha´s train station) with its outskirts Universities: Comillas, Carlos III or UAM (which are located at the south and north of Madrid).

It is still a very authentic neighbourhood where you can feel the real pulse of Madrid. Within a walking distance of “Parque del Buen Retiro”, “Madrid Río”, “El Matadero” and the major museums of Madrid. this neighbourhood is perfect for sports and art lovers.


(Source: Luca Russo )

Are you thinking about moving to Delicias? We have some rooms in delicias for you!



Ciudad Universitaria(Metropolitano) – Moncloa/ArgüellesChamberí

University City: The hotspot for Students Parties

It is crowded with Student Halls and Universities that is why it is called “University City”. Although the local shops are very focused on “studying” stuff you could find whatever you need in “Calle Princesa” which connects University City with Plaza de España and Gran Vía. This whole area (Moncloa/Argüelles – University City) is the perfect mix between the traditional Madrid and students meeting places.

If you are the soul of the party and you are looking forward to live in this area take a look at this room.


Recommended Areas nearby the University City:

But for those that would like to be nearby University City but not living in the middle of it we would recommend you Canal, Rio Rosas, Reina Cristina or Santa Engracia areas which are located within Chamberí neighbourhood. They are pretty close and well communicated with the campus.(Look at the Red Line or Line 2). Another plus of Canal is the Canal Isabel II Park which is like an oasis in the center of this urban neighbourhood. (Take a look at some of our Santa Engracia Rooms)



Salamanca Neighbourhood – Goya – Huertas

Salamanca neighbourhood is the posh part of Madrid. In this neighbourhood you will find the best restaurants, expensive shops and chic lounge bars. The fifth avenue of Madrid is called “Serrano” which connects República Argentina Square with Alcalá Street and “El parque del Buen Retiro”. To find less expensive shops you must visit “Goya street” which connect Colón Square with Doctor Esquerdo Street.

Students usually choose to live the area located between Príncipe de Vergara Street and Doctor Esquerdo. This area is slightly less expensive than Serrano and flats are big enough to do flat sharing but (they usually have at least three rooms), most of the times, have old furniture and are not refurbished.

Recommended areas nearby the classy Madrid: Ibiza, Estrella and Manuel Becerra.

Manuel Becerra: it is the cheap part of Salamanca neighbourhood. It is newer and it is well communicated with University City (thanks to Line 6) and the city centre (thanks to Line 2).

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 17.51.33

Ibiza and Estrella: Both are residential neighbourhoods which are nose to nose with Retiro and nearby Atocha. The prices are not as expensive as in the classy ones and most of the flats are big and almost new. Both are well communicated thanks to Line 9 or Purple Line with Plaza Castilla. Another plus is that both are surrounded by green areas and parks. (Parque del Buen Retiro and Roma park.) (Book a room next to El Retiro park now)


Hope that this post helped you find the neighbourhood that suits you best!

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We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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