What You Need To Know About British People

When you first visit some country you carry all the stereotypes that you have heard about them until the experience erases them. Once you live there you will learn and meet lots of exceptions to that stereotypes. In this case we will analyze the most common British Stereotypes thanks to @AmyTweetsAway Video!

(if you want to watch their Youtube Channel: Amzyydoodles )

1) They are amazing.

2) Multicoloured nation

3) Queueing: They are good at it. (Learn more about British queueing here )

4) The weather is bipolar.

5) They have dentists. (Read more about British Teeth´s stereotype here)

6) Accents: They have them!

7) They all smell like flowers.

8) Sarcastic? Them? Never!

9) The nations runs on tea.

10) They Eat Stuff not just Fish and chips.

11) They all know the Queen. (= British Sarcasm)

12) Driving: They do it. They are not driving on the wrong side of the road… maybe you are!!


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