Where to Do Groceries in Barcelona? – Cheap Supermarkets for Students

Hi there! Are you moving to Barcelona?

Although Spain has a lower cost of life than many European countries, Barcelona is one of the most expensive cities. In fact, it has been rated as the 35th most expensive city to live in Europe, Just above Moscow.  This doesn’t mean that everything is super expensive, it just means that you have to know where to buy. Keep reading to know all the tricks and tips about doing groceries in Barcelona.


Let’s be honest, doing the grocery is a pain in the … You just want to get into a supermarket, put some stuff in your caddy and get done! But be careful, there can be a massive difference in prices from one supermarket to the other. The OCU (Consumers and Users Organization) has classified the supermarket chains according to their prices.

In the range of cheapest supermarkets, we can find Alcampo which is located in the shopping mall Diagonal Mar, Bon Area and Mercadona, both of them have stores all along the city. I personally recommend Mercadona (definitely my favorite). Its white brand called Hacendado has amazing products, such as the Humus, the crunchy onion or the chips (a cheaper and improved version of Lays).


The most expensive chains are Carrefour and El Corte Ingles. However, the quality of the food, especially fish, meat and vegetables might be better here. They also sell many foreign products.

If you want to buy good quality vegetables and fruits, the best option is to go to a local market.


Boquería Market: This is a colorful market where the freshest fruits and veggies are arranged in piles while a mingled mass of tourists and locals keep shouting in an attempt to call the attention of the sellers. Its vibrant atmosphere is transmitted in the bars around the market, where they cook Mediterranean food.
Adress: La Rambla 91, Gothic Neighbourhood
Tube: Liceu (L3)


Santa Caterina Market: This market is built where it used to be located Santa Caterina’s nunnery, therefore its name. In 1845 it became a market in order to feed the locals of this area and some towns around Barcelona. It is the first covered market in Barcelona, with a very colorful and characteristic dome.
Adress: Avenida de Francesc Cambó 16, Gothic Neighbourhood
Tube: Jaume I (L4)

San Antoni Market : Similar to Boquería market but larger and without all the tourists. The stall owners are very nice and friendly, so you can ask them for advice (so you can also practice your Spanish skills). There are some very nice bars inside where you can have a beer in the sun.
Adress: Ronda Sant Pau/Carrer Comte d’Urgell
Tube : Sant Antoni (L2)

San antoni market

Foreign Supermarkets

If you are homesick, you can pamper yourself by buying your local products in one of these supermarkets:

Taste of home: the best North American food for those who are homesick.
Address: Carrer de Floridablanca 78 and Sitges and Calle San Jose 32

AAAAmerican food


Australians: where kiwis and aussies buy their food.
Adress: Plaça Mane and Flaquer 2


Dong Fang Extremo Oriente: easy to reach, with a great variety of Thai and Korean food.
Address: Carrer de Valmes 6, Universitat L1.


Supermercado Asia o Bafang: smaller than the previous one, the main advantage of this supermarket is that it is open on Sundays and bank holidays.
Address: Carrer de Valmes 10. Universitat L1

Yang Kuang: the Best Chinese store in Chinatown. Take a look at it!
Address: Paseo de San Joan 12, Arc de Triomf (L1)


Now you know the best neighbourhoods in Barcelona, the most convenient sport facilities and where to do your groceries! So you are one step closer to becoming a local! Find your ideal home on Beroomers and enjoy your time in the city 🙂

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