Where to Live as a Student in New York?

You are one of the newly- minted college student that has been accepted in a University in New York and you are amazingly excited. However, deciding about where to live and finding an apartment in New York can be very challenging. But don’t worry; Beroomers is here to solve all your problems.

Just read our neighborhood guide and book your room!


Midtown East/ Murray Hill

This neighbourhood is a gem in the Manhattan’s rental market, an area with reasonable rent and central location. For years it has been the favorite place for students, also for its close proximity to restaurants and bars, in which fraternities and universities parties are very popular. It is very well connected to the rest on the city with E, M, 4 and 6 lined that will bring you anyway in the city. Plus, it is just a 10 minutes’ walk to Grand central. Some of the buildings have a laundry room.

Advantages: young student neighbourhood, walking distance from the city centre.
Disadvantages: it is not the hippest area to live, but who cares when you can walk to the city centre?

42nd street midtown



If you used to watch the show Gossip Girl and you have always wondered how life in the Upper East Side would be, this is your neighbourhood. Yorkville allows you living in the fanciest neighbourhood without paying a premium rent. There are plenty of dining options, from some of the best (and most expensive) restaurants in the city to cheap pizzerias and Chinese take ways.
Moreover, it has a very animated nightlife of students and graduates who like to enjoy the university year’s party. Plus, the commuting to downtown takes only around 25 minutes with a great variety of options, the lines J,F, M, Z, N, B, D pass through it.

Advantages: student neighbourhood in a great location
Disadvantages: it might be lacking some charm as the majority of the bars are franchises.


Whashington Heights

This neighbourhood located on the northern part of Manhattan offers large apartments at low prices. That is why this area has become pretty popular amongst students. It borders Harlem to the South. Although it has been a rough area known for the drug traffic, nowadays it is a family neighbourhood. The amenities here are also quite limited, so if you want to enjoy a nice café or restaurant you must go to Harlem area or commute to midtown which will take around 20 minutes.

Advantages: cheap rent and only 20 minutes away from the city centre
Disadvantages: there are no amenities around; you should go to Harlem for nice cafes and bars.

barrio 3




Whereas a few years ago Williamsburg was an affordable neighbourhood, rent has increased because it has become the hippest area in Brooklyn. If you are up for sharing an apartment you can find a room for a reasonable price. However do not try to negotiate with the landlord about the price and if you find a good deal do not hesitate. There is high demand in this area.
One of the main advantages of this area is its proximity to Manhattan; the Williamsburg Bridge links Brooklyn with the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This is also the cool part of Brooklyn, where you can find the coolest cafes, great concerts and music venues and ethnic food.

Average rent:
Advantages: hip neighbourhood with lots of amenities
Disadvantages: a bit expensive for what it is



Greenpoint has been for a long time home for the polish society of New York. In the past few years it has experienced a transformation influenced by the hip scene of Williamsburg. Many students and young professionals have moved there because you can still enjoy the bars and concerts from Williamsburg but rent is not so expensive. Plus, little by little it is developing a very interesting music, bars scene and restaurant scene.

One of the major downside of this area is the connectivity with the city centre because the only train connecting it is the infamous G, which is famous for being late. Consider the location of your university before jumping into an apartment in this area.

Advantages: hip area and lots of bars to visit
Disadvantages: it is not well connected



Bushwick is an ideal neighbourhood for students and young graduates because there is a wide choice of apartments and rent is quite cheap. The warehouse apartments are a great option to have a spacious home without spending all your paycheck in rent.

After the prices from Williamsburg increased, many artists and hipsters decided to move to this neighbourhood. This has also brought many organic and healthy supermarkets, art galleries and music concerts.

It is connected to the city centre by the L, J, M and Z. However, the easiest line is the L so you will pay a premium to live close to it. Many students live around the Morgan L stop.

Advantages: student zone and hip area with many amenities
Disadvantages: it is not so well connected to the city centre

bushwick 2


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