Where to Live in Seville as a Student?

If I ask you about the most traditional Spanish symbols, what would come to your mind? Probably tapas, toros (bulls) and flamenco, am I right? Many foreigners might not know it but this symbols come from Andalucía, the region where Sevilla is located in. Moreover, Sevilla is a wonderful city, full of art and colors because as we like to say… Sevilla tiene un color especial!

Discover a complete guide that will help you to decide where to live during the best year of your life!


First of all, you must think where your university is located so you can find a neighbourhood where commuting is convenient. Universities in Sevilla are divided in two different areas. On one hand, Geography and History; The University of Law, Business, Advertising and Psychology and Philosophy and The University of Fine Arts are located in the city centre. Whereas Engineering, Biology, Physics and Chemistry are situated in the zone of Reina Mercedes.

The City Centre

In this area you can find the most beautiful buildings in Sevilla, such as the Giralda located in the west side of the third largest gothic cathedral in the world. The narrow streets full of small artisan shops are also very nice. This is definitely Sevilla’s beating heart always crowded as it is quite a touristy area.

Advantages: if you are going to any of the universities located in the centre, you will be able to walk to class every day. You are also close to the nightlife and shopping areas.

Disadvantages: because streets are narrow some of the apartments are not very bright. Plus, the majority of the apartments are managed by real state agencies so you will have to go throw them in order to rent. Price of rent can also be more expensive in this area.

Plaza de España 2


Triana is a very emblematic area of Sevilla. Once it was a poor neighbourhood where fisherman and gypsies used to live. Today is one of foreigner’s favorite areas. Although there are not many monuments, Triana is all about the ‘ambiente’. Trianeros (people from Triana) say that they have a different character from the rest of ‘sevillanos’. They also have their own festivals where Flamenco has a very strong tradition. The street facing the river is called “calle Betis” and it has plenty of bars to go out.

Advantages: many students decide to live here due to the nice atmosphere and nightlife, especially in “calle Betis”. Plus rent is quite economical, the average price for a studio is 350-450 €, whereas if you are sharing an apartment you might be paying around 250- 350€. It is closed to the Polytechnic University.

Disadvantages: The houses are older and a bit rundown. Depending on the street it might also be noisy at night.



This is the hip neighbourhood of Sevilla, where you can find a variety of restaurants outside of the traditional Spanish food and trendy bars. Many foreign students whose university is located in the city centre decide to live in this area because it is only 20 minutes away by foot. This area along with Alfalfa is a popular area to go out mainly for foreign students.

Advantages: it is a student area. It is well connected and close to the city centre and great nightlife.

Disadvantages: it might be too noisy. This is not the best area to live or to go out if you want to mingle with locals.

Triana 3


This is the more modern area of the city, where the business centre is located. It is well connected, with the city centre as well as with the airport. It is also a shopping area, where you can find ‘El Corte Ingles’ and other department stores. The Sevilla Football Club stadium is also situated here.

Really close from Nervión, there is the area of Viapol where the University of Law was moved a few years ago along with the University of Economics.

Advantages: It is a quiet area where apartments are newer and larger.

Disadvantages: if you are looking for a studio it might be difficult to find, since the majority of apartments are larger. The area is more appropriate for young families and some of the apartments are not furnished.


Reina Mercedes and Los Bermejales

Reina Mercedes is where most universities are located so many students decide to live in this area. Los Bermejales is a new area walking distance from Reina Mercedes, many young families live there but also students due to the price of rent. This area also has many cheap bars.

Advantages: You are close to the University and rent is cheap.

Disadvantages: There are not so many ammenities in this area.

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