Neighbourhoods in Valencia

Where to live as a student in Valencia? The best neighbourhoods

So you’ve finally decided to make Valencia your next destination, perhaps thinking about the sun and the beach…But do you know which neighbourhood is best for you? It’s not only about budget, it’s also about transport connection, atmosphere, nightlife…If you want to find out which is your perfect area, keep reading!

Option 1: Ruzafa

Ruzafa is one of the most well-known neighbourhoods in Valencia. It’s very near to the old city centre and is the meeting point at night for many Valencian students. The area is full with cosy bars and cafes of different styles.

During the day it’s pretty quiet and you will find a variety of grocery stores and other services. One of my favourite places is the local market (Mercat de Russafa), where you can find tasty local food: cheese, ham, dried fruits, seafood…Delicious!

Market in Ruzafa


At one end of this neighbourhood you will find Valencia’s bullring. This building is used, apart from bullfights, for concerts, events and local markets, so there’s always something unique happening in Ruzafa.

You can reach the university area in only 15 minutes with the tube Line 3 or walk about 30 minutes, which is really nice. Moreover, the rent can be quite affordable.

Old buildings with a young heart, so if you’re looking for something special and bohemian, this is it! Just make sure that your room isn’t on top of a bar to avoid noisiness.

Ruzafa Street


Veredict: bohemian neighbourhood with a busy nightlife, well connected to universities.

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Option 2: University Area

The university area in Valencia is quite wide, as it goes from Avenida Blasco Ibáñez to Avenida de los Naranjos. If you’re planning to study in Universitat de València (Blasco Ibáñez Campus or Tarongers Campus) or Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, this is perhaps the nearest you can live.

This neighbourhood hosts many students each year and is a really quiet area. Nightlife is concentrated in three squares (Plaza Honduras, Plaza Xúquer and Plaza del Cedro), so if you are looking for something especially calm you just need to rent a room away from those two squares. These are jammed with restaurants and bars.

Xuquer Square Valencia


Rent in the University area is affordable and the buildings are not too old, so apartments tend to be in good condition.

The atmosphere is residential, it’s really easy to find a supermarket near and many other little stores where you can find everything you need. As well, this is one of the neighbourhoods in Valencia with more green areas and parks.

Blasco Ibáñez panoramic


And if you come to Valencia dreaming about the beach, you would love to hear that you can walk there, or if you’re feeling a little lazy you can go by the tram line 4 or 6, or by the bus line 31 or 1. It is also well connected to the city shopping centre, by bus or tube.

Verdict: student and residential area with plenty of stores, vivid nightlife and near universities and the beach.

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Option 3: El Carmen (the old city centre)

The neighbourhood of El Carmen is the old city centre, with narrow streets and antique buildings. You can even see some of the archeological remains of the past muslim walls of Valencia, which contrast with the graffiti walls of local artists. Despite its old condition, it’s one of the busiest areas at night in Valencia. So if you’re looking for a quiet area to live in, this may not be your best choice!

el carmen graffiti


At night, tourists and foreign and local students go to El Carmen to have dinner and to have a drink at one of the many pubs you can find there. During the weekend you could almost describe this neighbourhood in Valencia as crowded!

In spite of its popularity, you can find some bars and pubs with low prices to enjoy this picturesque area. It’s a perfect place for strolling around.

square san jaime el carmen


One of the disadvantages of this area is the transport connection with those universities in the University area. The best option is to rent a local bicycle (Valenbisi), which is very cheap and it will take you about 20 minutes to arrive there. On the contrary, if you’re planning to study at the Universidad Católica de Valencia this neighbourhood is just a 10 minute walk from it, so it’s perfect!

There are some local stores for you to do your groceries, but mostly you will find restaurants, bars and pubs. If you think this is your perfect area, you can find affordable rooms at shared flats quite easily. Living in El Carmen is undoubtedly an unique experience!

Verdict: busy area of narrow streets and lively nightlife, avoid if you’re looking for a quiet atmosphere!

Living in el Carmen can be such a wonderful experience…Haven’t found your room in El Carmen yet?

Option 4: Benimaclet

Benimaclet is one of the most popular options for students in Valencia, as the cost of living and rent is affordable and it has excellent transport connections with the university area and the city centre. The tram line 4 or 6 will take you to the university area within 5 minutes, and the tube line 3 connects this district with the city centre in just 3 stops.

It’s a peculiar neighbourhood and the locals who live there even feel themselves different to the rest of Valencian citizens! In fact, until 1878 this area was independent from the city and it still holds its own traditions.

Party in Benimaclet


Benimaclet has a wide cultural offer, such as street concerts or pubs with monologues. It’s a residential area, so it’s really easy to do your groceries and very nice to go walking. The atmosphere is relaxed, you will feel like if you were living in a little town…but in the city!

Benimaclet has even its own carnival, a big party in February in which people dress up and that mainly attracts students from Valencia. This event, and many others, take place in its central square, which is the heart of the neighbourhood.

Street Benimaclet


Verdict: if you like to feel as if you were living in a village and like to be near to university and the city centre, this is your place.

You’ll feel at home living in Benimaclet. And finding a room or apartment there can be fun!

Option 5: Moncada

Moncada is a little town about 11 km from Valencia. CEU University has one of its campus there, so it may be a good option if you’re planning to study there.

It’s connected to Valencia by tube line 1 and you can reach the city centre in 20 minutes. This means that you can live near your university in Moncada without giving up Valencia’s busier atmosphere.

uch ceu moncada


Its population is of 20,000 inhabitants, and it’s a quiet place to live in. The cost of living is quite low, and of course you will find all kind of services and stores. It’s definitely not a touristic place, it’s rather residential and during the year you can see quite a lot of students there. It’s not difficult to find an apartment or a room at a shared flat at a low price.

Verdict: residential town near Valencia, low cost of living and quiet atmosphere.

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