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Why Choose A Host Family To Learn Languages?

Are you planning your stay abroad and wondering if living with a host family would be a good option for you? If one of the main reasons you’re moving is that you want to learn the language, living with a local family is just great!

1. Languages are much more than words and grammar

Languages imply a way of living and thinking, there’s much more to languages than what it seems! You will have the opportunity to take part in family traditions and routines, learning at the same time new words for all their usual tasks, activities and holiday celebrations.
What’s appropriate and what’s not? You’ll become a family member and learn about this (in the local language). Isn’t this the best environment to learn about cultural practices?

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2. Practice the language daily

Daily conversations are the best way to practice your vocabulary. It’s a steady and reliable way! Let’s be honest, it’s pretty difficult to forget about your native language and speak one day after another the local language. But when you need to communicate with the family who is hosting you, it’s a matter of survival! You will learn, you have no choice 😉
One of the best things is that your new family will be willing to correct you. This way you will get to know all the local phrases and idioms.

3. Stay in touch after your experience

A host family is much more than a temporary one. In fact, it’s quite likely that you can talk to them after your stay (and even visit them again!) They can also become a sort of pen pal, which gives continuity to your learning.
Homestays can be a very engaging opportunity. Just follow the house rules and schedule and be open-minded, understanding and patience. And you will have a second family in a different country.

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4. Other advantages

Besides learning the local language, there are other advantages when it comes to living with a host family. We’re especially keen on trying home cooked meals (yum). You will only get this kind of firsthand experience if you live with a local.
Plus, this type of accommodation is usually more affordable than others. When you’re on a student budget or are taking part in a volunteer program, how you spend your money becomes an important thing.
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