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Why Doing An Internship Is Always A Good Idea!

If you’re thinking about doing an internship but have some doubts, this interview with  Cass Grimm from Worldwide Internships will help you go for it! She gives you also some useful tips 🙂

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Q1. How can internships help decide a career?

Internships are a very useful tool when choosing which direction to take your life – it can help you decide what you DO want to do with your life, and it can also help you realize what you DON’T want to do.

As an example, I studied International Business and one summer I landed an internship with a huge, amazing, well-renowned international consumer goods company. After working there for a well-paid summer, I realized that my heart wasn’t really in working for such a big company. This definitely shaped my future searches for jobs and helped me realize I would trade making lots of money for having a job I’m really passionate about.

Q2. Are there any advantages of doing an internship abroad instead of in your home country?

I think there are many advantages of doing an internship abroad! Some of these include:

  • Expanding your international network (so if you’re ever traveling the world, you know who to meet up with and show you around their city).
  • Meeting people from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries (who knows when someone might post the perfect job for you on Facebook? Hint: that’s why I’m living in Mexico City now!)
  • Internationalizing your CV (this can make you more attractive to potential employers as they can easily see you are flexible and open-minded, and you can offer something unique).
  • Perfecting a foreign language (there’s no better way to perfect a language skill than to have to use it every single day – if you don’t use it, you lose it!)
  • Personal growth and learning (you have to fail to learn. The best way to fail is often to go to a new place where you know no one – you don’t have a safety net to go running to, so you have to solve new, complex challenges on your own).

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Q3. What would you recommend to someone who is just about to start an internship?

I think it is important to consider a few things, first.

  • One, what is it you’d like to get out of this experience (i.e. develop language skills, personal growth, great job experience)?
  • Two, what is your ideal climate (this is a great chance to escape extremely hot or cold weather!)?
  • Three, how different of an experience do you want to have (perhaps you are from Spain, so an internship in France likely wouldn’t push you SO far out of your comfort zone, whereas an internship in Thailand probably would).

Plus, asking yourself these kinds of questions will help you decide which international destination is best for you.

Q4. Is it necessary to know the language of the country before starting the experience?

I think you should invest a significant amount of time in learning the local language before you begin your internship. Knowing the basics can help you enormously when you arrive to a new country. It allows you to be a little more independent, helps you avoid potential scams, and helps you be less ignorant than the usual tourist.

That being said, you certainly don’t need to be fluent to enjoy yourself in a new country. I’ve known people who’ve moved to Mexico for a whole year who didn’t ever learn the language well – and they managed to make plenty of friends and enjoy their time here by traveling and visiting the city.

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Q5. If you had to sum up living this experience in only one word, which one would you choose and why?

Adventure. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, an adventure is “an exciting or remarkable experience.” Living abroad certainly matches this definition! Every day presents a new, exciting challenge that helps you develop as a person. These remarkable experiences shape you in a way that helps you discover who you really are and what you are passionate about!

Q6. What would you say to someone who is thinking about it but is unsure about the decision?

DO IT! You may have some tough experiences along the way, you will probably get homesick at some point, and you may learn that particular country isn’t your new dream-home but the opportunity to have positive experiences (new friends, new cities, new languages, new foods, new dances, new love) totally outweigh the risk. Your heart and mind will definitely grow.

Cup with sentence the adventure begins

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