Why Most People Die Before Age 25?

“They say the average person dies at 25 but it´s buried at 75. Do you know what that means? “

“I don´t care who you are, what race, what age,what gender…

And I don´t care none of them either, but what I do know is that you have a dream inside of you, and that dream you have kept hidden from the world, you´ve made excuses for it, you delayed it.  You´ve listened to people telling you to be realistic, but deep down in your heart you know that you are not living to your potential, and life is now something you just getting all with.

I wanna lay some reality on you really quick. Where is the wealthiest place in the world? Do you know?  It´s not China, it´s not Dubai… It’s a graveyard because in a graveyard you will find inventions never invented, businesses never erected, songs never sang, books never written, ideas never nurtured, people never realized because they were scared to take a risk, scared like you. But do you wanna know something else? You´re not in a graveyard yet.

We got one life, right? and every passing moment we would never get it back again, you will never start this video with the same perspective you had when you click Play, you´d never brush your teeth the same way twice in your life, there´s not rewind button in life…

I will never give that breath back ever again, see this present moment is so precious, we have to be here, we have to be in it and make the most of it,  we have to live our dreams now, because they are possible.

Six thousand years ago, man created the wheel, only six thousand years ago! The first written language which was created, six, that´s it. And if i may remind you the airplane is only a little over 100 years old.  There was no internet fifty years ago, no cell phones. So Don´t sit there and tell me that everything that the can be done, has been done! We haven’t been here for very long. There are dreams, there are ideas and accomplishments that are waiting to be discovered… that are waiting for you.

Helen Keller was once asked: what on earth will be worse than being born blind? she said: “it will be so much worse to be born with sight but no vision.”

Why can’t we have cures for every disease known to man? Why can we have clean water, food, education for every person on this planet? Why can we have peace on this planet? Why do we have to die to go to heaven? The earth is already in the space. We can have heaven right here right now… Just a shift in this… Why not? Because somebody said it´s impossible it can be done?

I tell you this, there’s never been a statue erect before critic. Everybody tell you how to do it they´ve never did it. Do you, be you, and be here now! Your dreams are passed. Stop obsessing over the celebrities, Kim Kardashian.

Live your life, step into your greatness.

They say the average person dies at 25 but it´s buried at 75. Do you know what that means? I let you figure it out. Don’t let this negative world get it to you don’t let it win, do not go where the path may lead, but go where´s no path and leave a trail.”


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