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Why You Should Choose a Student Hall When You Study Abroad in UK?

Once you choose where do you want to study abroad the second key point is where do you want to live. There are mainly three options: Shared Flats, Complete Apartment,  or Student Halls. In this post we give you 5 reasons why you may choose living in a Student Hall once you move to London!


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1) Make friends easily!

There is no need to be besties with your roommate (if you don’t feel so) because there is a bunch of people living in the same building with whom you can connect with! Suddenly you have a group of new friends and cool plans in an exciting city!

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2) More Independence without being completely out there on your own!

You just have to take care of your studies (and have a wonderful time!) you don’t need to deal with water bills or roommate castings!


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3) Convenient Student Accommodation

Living in a Student Hall is also useful when it comes to studying! Apart from meeting new friends and its study areas… If you need a certain book for example you could use the notice board to see if somebody has a copy or you will probably find somebody still awake if you need to speak to someone about tomorrow’s exam…

4) Distance from University

Student Halls are usually conveniently located pretty close university campus! Actually, you can choose between “on campus” or “off campus” student dorms depending on your needs. In London city is more common the “off campus” one because this way you could choose to live in the neighbourhood you like the most.

5) Save Money! 

Inside Student Halls you will find all what you are going to need while you live abroad: study table, bed, shelves, chairs…

Most of them count with awesome amenities as courtyard garden, social and networking areas, quiet study areas, big screen TV and even a pool table or a table football to play with your roommates. Plus most of the times they also include a 24/7 Fitness Facility so you don’t need to pay an additional Gym fee!

Nevertheless every Student Hall has its owns features so take a look at them carefully and don’t forget your swimsuit!

Want to see how Student Halls look like in London? Check this cool video made by @aWildflowerLife

or have a look at our student halls rooms in London!

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We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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  • ana

    It´s the easiest choice to stay here in United Kingdom. Many places are very expensive and we can live in a student hall.

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