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Work in Mexico as a Foreigner

Are you looking to get out of your comfort zone? Mexico is the perfect country to join on a new adventure as it offers great opportunities for foreign workers. 

But why choose Mexico from among the other Latin American countries? It is an amazing country to grow professionally because of the connections it has with Europe – especially Spain – and the United States. The country’s unemployment rates are really low so it becomes an excellent escape route where you can look for your first job experiences or continue growing in your career in an increasingly internationalized country. More and more young foreigners come to Mexico as expatriates because it allows them to negotiate better conditions with companies. They can get a better salary, accommodation, school for their children and also paid vacation days to visit their family. 

work in mexico

If you are thinking about going to study a master’s degree or work in Mexico, we recommend you the best cities to work in Mexico and give you tips on how to start your new adventure.

Best cities to find work

Mexico City

As the capital of the country and the most important metropolitan area, it is a city where you will not lack opportunities. You can find all types of work: related to politics, academia, economics, fashion, finance, etc.


Its proximity to the United States makes it a business center with a greater number of job opportunities.


This Mexican city, third in number of inhabitants, is perfect for those seeking work in technology. It is also one of the country’s main business centers. 


Wages in this city are three to four times the minimum wage and it offers great opportunities for commerce. 


If tourism is your thing, this is your city par excellence in Mexico. More than 60% of its inhabitants are working in this Caribbean paradise for tourism and hotel workers. 

work in mexico cancun

Now that you know the best places to start working in Mexico, you should know the requirements to be able to move as a foreigner. 

Requirements to work in Mexico as a foreigner

Before the Regulations of the Mexican Immigration Law came into force in 2012 it was possible to work with a tourist visa, but as a result of the new regulations if you are traveling in Mexico and decide to stay to work you will need to leave the country to apply for permission from the consulate of Mexico abroad. However, in order to start the process, the company that hires you must first initiate a procedure before the National Institute of Migration in Mexico.

The opportunities you will have in Mexico will depend a lot on your CV and your previous experience (the more expert you are in your field, the more opportunities you will have) and especially in the field in which you are an expert, the following areas are highly valued: 

  1. Design and robotics technicians and engineers
  2. Architects, civil engineers, project managers.
  3. Software engineers and architects.
  4. Technicians in the operation and maintenance of power generation plants and development management.
  5. Positions in the area of marketing and sales according to the sector.
  6. Graduates in Business Administration and Management.
  7. Banking and Finance professionals.

The Mexican minimum salary starting in 2020 will be 3.746 pesos per month but qualified managers, directors and other positions of responsibility range earn between 1,500 and 3,000 euros per month reaching 6,000 euros those that require many more years of experience. 

work in mexico office
work in mexico office

If you are still interested in undertaking this new adventure but want to expand your knowledge about work permits and how to start looking for work in Mexico don’t miss this post in which we tell you everything you need to know before making this great decision. 

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