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Working abroad: why you should move to Mexico?

Mexico is a cosmopolitan city that offers everything you can imagine. There are many people who choose this city to go to work and, if you are thinking about it, the most probable thing is that in your head there are questions like where do I look for companies to work in Mexico? What permit do I need? Which city do I choose? How can I find accommodation? Let’s do it little by little.

work in mexico


If you are already in Mexico you can start the search the most traditional way, kicking the streets. Visit the most commercial areas where t and leave your CV in all the establishment that catch your eye. Even if they don’t have signs looking for employees, it never hurts to go personally and, if luck is on your side, you can even talk to the manager at that very moment. If you are looking for a job in a large multinational, you will probably have to search through the careers websites that each company have available for those who are interested in them.

For those who have to do the job search electronically, here you have several portals where you can do it:

  • LinkedIn, the social network par excellence for business. Most companies have a profile created on this platform and job offers are published daily. You can filter according to what you’re looking for and set up alerts so that you get e-mails when there are offers that fit your profile.
  • Universia is the largest network of universities in the world and offers a job search engine on its website.
  • The Government of Mexico offers a very intuitive job search engine so that you can search for jobs according to your needs and, also, by city.
  • OpcionEmpleo is a search engine that has an extensive database where, in addition to the city, you can select the type of contract you want – full time, part-time, internship, etc..


The quick answer to this question is yes. But what exactly do you need and what do you have to do to enter the country to work?

work in mexico visa
  • You will need a job offer prior to the application and the employer who is in Mexico must make a petition to the National Institute of Migration.
  • You will have to process the Visa that gives you permission to perform remunerated activities; keep in mind that it is a bureaucratic process that takes time, so do not leave it for the last moment.
  • Finally, once you arrive in Mexico you will have to ask for the issuance of the migratory document with which will prove that you are there with a confirmed job offer.

The easiest thing is to ask your employer about the process to follow and, if you have any more doubts, check the Mexican consulate in your country of origin.


If you are going to move for work you will have to take into account aspects such as the number of companies in the city, the main industry there, the living conditions in the place, etc. Here you have a list of the main cities where you can start looking for jobs:

  • Mexico City. As the capital of the country and the most important metropolitan area, it is a city where you will find lots of opportunities, but the competition will also be greater. You will be able to find all kinds of work related to politics, education, economics, fashion, finance… You can find exactly what you are looking for and, at the same time, enjoy the culture, architecture and gastronomy so varied and delicious of the city.
  • State of Mexico. Adjacent to Mexico City, is the area of the country with the largest population. Here you will find important financial entities, educational ones and cultural centers, as well as companies dedicated to commerce or real estate services among others. It is eye-catching the mixture of architecture coexisting such as colonial palaces, imposing skyscrapers and natural ecosystems all in a single place.
work in mexico san miguel de allende
  • Jalisco. Here you can find Guadalajara, the largest city in the state. It is important to know that the industries that contribute the most to the local GDP are commerce and manufacturing, although construction and the agricultural and forestry industries also stand out. If you choose this city, you will enjoy everything that the land of Tequila and Mariachis has to offer: the Cathedral of Guadalajara, the Degollado Theater, delicious typical dishes such as torta ahogada…


Now that you know where to look for a job, what you need to work in Mexico and have some information about the main cities in the country, all you have to do is find your perfect accommodation.

If you want to meet new people and discover more cultures, the option of sharing a flat is for you. You will live with people from different countries and together you will be able to discover Mexico and create memories for life.
Do you prefer to feel the comfort that the whole house is just for you? Then choose a complete lodging for you; you will enjoy total freedom and will be able to feel at home.

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We hope that you enjoyed the post!

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