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Are you Planning to Work and Study Abroad? Pros & Cons!

To combine work and study abroad is often a good decision…But it can also be a brave decision!! Don’t miss the pros and cons of this experience 😉

Work and study abroad: Pros

  1. One of the main motivations to work whilst studying abroad is to earn some extra money, which may help you to cover your expenses (accommodation, meals, shopping, nights out…).
  2. It’s the perfect oppotunity to improve your competences and skills if you’re a trainee!  Most universities run programs to combine work and study abroad, why not get informed about it?
  3. Past job experience is always a plus on your CV and is positively valued by the job market.
  4. If you have moved, having new collegues in the office (or the restaurant, or wherever you work) is a good way of meeting new people, new locals. This fact will surely make your studies abroad even more enriching!
  5. Plus, if you study and work in a country with a different language, you will have many more chances to practice and learn the language.

List of pros of working and studying abroad

Work and study abroad: Cons

  1. If you decide to work and study abroad you will definitely have less time for yourself. This includes travelling, sightseeing, going out…
  2. If this kind of experience is new for you, you may find it more difficult to adapt to your new situation. New country + new language + new experience…Are you willing to accept the challenge? 😉
  3. It requires an extra effort, on top of learning the new language and getting used to the culture.

Cons of combining work and study abroad


Have you worked and studied abroad at the same time? Are you planning to do so? Share your experience below!

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  • Ruth Kinloch

    Working while studying abroad is definitely an easy way to meet local people and also improve your CV. I agree that working in this way requires big effort, but this experience is worth it. Many students choose to find a local job a few months after starting the studies. It’s far less stressful when you have settled down.

  • Ashley

    Working while studying abroad is of course the easiest way to cover your expenses. I was lucky to get a part time work in a local library while I was on my study tour in Austria. Not only it made my life much easier, it also helped me do a lot of things which would have been completely impossible otherwise. Not to forget, I became a bilingual in no time.

    • Clara from The BeTeam

      Hi, Ashley! Thank you for your comment 🙂 Of course, having a part time job is a really good way to learn a new language. It also helps to make new friends and to get to know the culture better.

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