Your property always rented

Thousands of students and professionals have already booked with us.

100% occupancy

100% occupancy

Rent your property before the current tenant leaves, reducing gaps between bookings.

Rent online

Rent online

Booking is done online. Forget about arranging visits and answering emails or dozens of phone calls.

You decide

You decide

Know the profile of those interested in your lodging before accepting booking requests.

We help you

We help you

We are available every day of the week. Contact us by email, phone, chat...

How it works

Promote your flats

Promote your flats

Listing your property in Beroomers is free. You can also ask for a free photoshoot to make your lodging stand out above the rest.

Accept bookings

Accept bookings

We will only contact you when there is a firm booking request and you will only have to confirm if you accept it.

Increase your income

Increase your income

24 hours after the roomer starts to live in your lodging, you will receive the first month payment, discounting our fee. It's simple and 100% secure.

FAQ Landlords

1. Why rent through Beroomers?

You will no longer have to answer phone calls, arrange visits or reply dozens of emails asking for additional information about your property. We do all of this for you and we only contact you with firm booking requests, this is, when a tenant has already paid the first month’s rent. And you will always have the final say on their request. Our aim is that you spend your time doing the things you like.
Thousands of landlords in more than 50 international destinations already trust us and have listed more than 45.000 housing options. 99% of them use our services repeatedly!

2. May I list my property?

Of course! We only ask you to:

  • be willing to rent your furnished room or flat for at least 1 month,
  • accept students or young professionals as tenants,
  • list your accommodation with complete and accurate information.

3. How does Beroomers work?

Very simple. You will receive booking requests, which you can accept or reject with no obligation. When accepting a booking we charge the first month’s rent to the tenant, and we keep it safe until both sides confirm us that check-in has been done and that he/she has settled in correctly. Then we will transfer you this amount discounting our service fee. And from that moment on, the tenant will pay you the rent directly every month.

4. What are booking requests?

We receive new booking requests from future tenants every hour. Those who visit our website select their check-in and check-out dates and complete their profile to make their booking request. You may accept or reject this request by email with no obligation and within 24 hours. If in this period we receive no confirmation we will consider it has been rejected.

5. What is your service fee?

We charge landlords a service fee which varies from 3% to 5% over the total contract value. For example, for a tenant who rents for 6 months and pays 300€, the total contract value is 1.800€ (6 x 300€), while our total maximum commission is 90€. Not bad, right?

In the news

What they say about us

Cristina, Landlord from Spain Landlord from Spain

Beroomers surprised me because I rented my flat really quickly and, above all, the team was closely involved to achieve this.

I have had a very good experience with students and I will surely repeat!

Marco, Roomer from Mexico Roomer from Mexico

I would like to thank Beroomers team, who, from the first moment, was committed to help us to find accommodation.

I highly recommend this website to search for offers and make a reservation.
The staff is really nice and they are always ready to help.

Thanks for such a great service!

Miguel, Landlord from Spain Landlord from Spain

My experience with Beroomers has been favorable, and I look forward to working with your team even more closely in the future.

Avani, Roomer from India Roomer from India

When I faced the challenge of finding a room in London, near my University, and before I had left my home place in India, I felt a bit lost.

But then I was very lucky to find Beroomers and my perfect home in London with them.

Thanks to the Beroomers Team!

Alfredo y Francisca, Landlords from Spain Landlords from Spain

I wanted to thank all the team and especially the Landlords Support Team for the interest taken.

You will have a friend rather than a customer in me.

Kelly, Roomer from USA Roomer from USA

I arrived at Barcelona one month ago for an Internship and thanks to Beroomers support I had booked an accommodation before I arrived.

The process was very easy and quick, they helped me a lot.
I am very happy with my choice, and my flatmates couldn’t be nicer, we always hang out together.

Maribel, Landlord from Spain itemprop= Landlord from Spain

I have been working with Beroomers for almost a year and the experience has been positive.

Thanks to their support I have found tenants really soon and they have helped me in everything I needed.

Ida, Roomer from Italy Roomer from Italy

Beroomers team helped me so much when I was looking for a room in Valencia!

They offer the best flats for students you can find in the city. They also make sure that everything goes well during your stay.

I am very satisfied with the service they offer and I would recommend it to everybody.